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Best Guide from Singapore to Alor Setar

Bus Operators From Singapore to Alor SetarTravelling to Alor Setar from Singapore by bus is very convenient and cost effective. It can be made easy by several famous bus services such as Konsortium Express, Sri Maju and many other bus operators that are available daily in different timings. These bus service companies will take you to desired destination.

One can board the bus from several pick-up points. Some of them are from Puduraya Bus Terminal, Hentian Duta, Duta Bus Station and Bukit Kayu Hitam Bus Terminal in Singapore. But the common one among this is Pudraya Bus Terminal. The common dropping point will be Alor Setar Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana and also take buses here that are planning to go to Singapore. Hence it will be convenient to the passengers to take some public transports and reach their own destination.

The bus journey time from Singapore to Alor Setar takes about 5 to 6 hours depending on traffic. Most cases the services providers try to reach the destination as quickly as possible. Refreshment break will also be provided by most of the bus services companies for about 20 minutes. So that passengers can relax or refresh them for a while. On coming to coaches, they are quite good and enriched with reclining seats and air-conditioning for passengers comfort during their journey. Hence the passengers cannot event feel that the journey is too long. Costs are normal for adults and less for children.

Passenger who are planning to travel to Alor Setar from Singapore can book the tickets anywhere through internet. On visiting to the site "", one can find detailed information about the journey. This site also provides some information on buses within the parts of Singapore and Malaysia. This will help you in online booking of tickets and save your time.


Depart Journey: Singapore to Alor Setar ( Duration: 9 hours 44 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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