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Best Guide from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

Bus Operators From Singapore to Cameron HighlandsCameron Highlands are one the biggest and most popular hill stations in Malaysia, located about 600km from Singapore, it covers approximately the same land area as Singapore. This beautiful area contains four main towns but is also surrounded by various other smaller villages, all at varying altitudes. Although the road up to the Cameron Highlands can be very mountainous and winding, it has been updated recently and is very well maintained, so it is quite safe to travel on by bus.

The only way to get from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands is via land, either privately if you have access to a vehicle or on a bus. You can get a direct bus service from Singapore to Cameron Highlands or you can travel to Malaysia and get buses from either Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur. Konsortium Express is one of the bus companies that provide daily services to and fro the Cameron Highlands. Both options are comfortable and reliable, so your decision may just depend on price or the different drop off points of each service.

Konsortium Express has daily service that departs the bus terminal at Golden Mile Tower in Singapore at 10:30 pm. The bus has various stops and drop off points during the trip at Ringlet, Lakehouse and the Brinchang Hotel and finally stopping at the Equatorial Hotel. A ticket will cost you around S$65 and the trip will take approximately 8 - 9 hours.


Depart Journey: Singapore to Cameron Highlands ( Duration: 7 hours 38 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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