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Best Guide from Singapore to Kuantan

Bus Operators From Singapore to KuantanKuantan is the capital city of Pahang which is situated in Malaysia. Traveling by bus to Kuantan from Singapore requires break of journey that is from Singapore to Johor Baru Larkin bus terminal and again from here to Kuantan. Here the fare is much cheaper than going directly to Kuantan from Singapore. A direct bus charges you more for travelling from Singapore to Kuantan by bus because you have to pay in Singapore currency which is costlier. It would rather be good to travel by breaking your journey, as you can see many more places though you waste some more time in travelling. Travelling by train from Singapore is also equally expensive. The charges in Malaysia are less for travelling to Singapore. Some of the bus companies that provide its passengers bus service from Kuantan to Singapore include Konsortium Express and Transnasional.

Travelling fares are same from Singapore to Malaysia but the rates are high as compared to the rates from Kuantan to Singapore the charges will be less. Singapore rates are higher. Booking of the buses can be done online just by logging on their site at, where you can access all the information about the bus services between the places from Singapore to Malaysia. This online booking will save your time too.

Travelling time is about 4 to 5 hours by bus depending upon the traffic which varies on different days. Scheduling of times are not constant, it is at the discretion of the bus operators. It is indefinite; hence predication of going to a particular place cannot be determined by any one. The time schedules and fares provided by their site are not reliable. It can be considered only as guide for travelling. You definitely need to contact the bus operators, when you make up the plan to travel by bus from Singapore to Kuantan.

During the journey most of the buses may also stop for the refreshment break for about 20 minutes, where you can ease yourselves and can speck on something before proceeding on the journey. The bus coaches are quite spacious and are full equipped with comfortable seats and also air conditioned providing you with comfortable journey. The fares for children are comparatively less than the adult fares, so you don't feel much taxed. All these amenities surely will not make your journey a bore by bus from Singapore to Kuantan.


Depart Journey: Singapore to Kuantan ( Duration: 7 hours 52 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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