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Best Guide from Singapore to Penang

Bus Operators From Singapore to PenangIf you love traveling by road, then you will surely love the route of the bus from Singapore to Penang takes. It is a scenic route with plenty of natural vistas to take in. The travel time is about nine hours and the road is generally in very good condition. It is one trip you will never forget. There are stopovers for rest and refreshments as well. Penang is a small island that has attracted many tourists these days. People love the scenic beauty of this Pearl of the Orient. The destination points are Sunqai Nibonq Bus Terminal, Butterworth Jetty Terminal, Bukit Mertajam and George Town. Some of the famous express bus companies that offers bus from Singapore to Penang includes Konsortium, Sri Maju, Citiexchange Express & Services and much more. The bus trip from Singapore to Penang usually allows the passengers to disembark at these points.

You can book your tickets online. In fact, it is far more advisable to book your tickets online to avoid disappointment later. The bus from Singapore to Penang has various departure points in the city of Singapore such as Golden Mile Complex and Golden Mile Tower, hence you must make special note of the departure points and the departure timings. The address of the departure point of each bus is mentioned online and the timings are also given clearly. You can contact the bus operators through the phone numbers given online. The buses traveling from Singapore to Penang are in excellent condition and very comfortable as they are fully air conditioned.

The price rate of the tickets for one individual is about S$42 to S$45 and this is quite reasonable. The prices are in Singapore dollars. Most tourists to Singapore never forget to make a trip to Penang and their preferred mode of transport is always the bus. It is cheaper and more enjoyable. The best way to see the countryside is by bus and the bus from Singapore to Penang makes this possible.


Depart Journey: Singapore to Penang ( Duration: 8 hours 43 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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