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KL Prestij

Prestij Dinasti KL is one of the coach agents in Puduraya Bus Terminal. They are the sole agents for Supernice Grassland, Economy Express and others.

This company provides extensive coach routes to many parts of Malaysia, northen and southern part.

Prestij Dinasti (KL)

Counter No. 51, Puduraya Grnd Flr, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62016917

Bus Schedule

Kuala Lumpur to Penang First Bus Last Bus Fare
Hentian Duta to Sungai Nibong
Hentian Duta to Butterworth
Kuala Lumpur to Perak First Bus Last Bus Fare
Hentian Duta to Bagan Serai
Hentian Duta to Parit Buntar
Hentian Duta to Simpang Taiping
Hentian Duta to Ipoh Amanjaya
Kuala Lumpur to Kedah First Bus Last Bus Fare
Hentian Duta to Alor Setar
Hentian Duta to Sungai Petani
Hentian Duta to Kulim
Hentian Duta to Changlun
Hentian Duta to Jitra
Hentian Duta to Kuala Ketil
Hentian Duta to Baling
Kuala Lumpur to Perlis First Bus Last Bus Fare
Hentian Duta to Kuala Perlis
Hentian Duta to Kangar
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