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Where to Travel in May? Top 5 Exciting Destinations in Vietnam for May

March 23, 2024

Where to Travel in May? Top 5 Exciting Destinations in Vietnam for May

As May marks the beginning of summer, it's a great time to plan for trips and explore new destinations. If you're planning a trip but unsure where to travel in May or what attractive destinations to consider, let's discover through the following insights.

Reasons to Travel in May in Vietnam

Many travelers choose May for their journeys because it's the start of summer when the sun shines abundantly but does not excessively scorch.

Travelers can comfortably capture beautiful moments with friends and family in May. The pleasant temperature allows for a complete travel experience, offering enjoyment without exhaustion.

May also marks the beginning of the tourist season, with increased visitors but not overcrowded destinations. The popular spots are not overcrowded, ensuring smooth travel without worrying about transportation difficulties or increased costs.

However, early May is a significant holiday period in Vietnam, leading to increased travel demand. If you plan to travel in May, consider the early period of the month.

Top Destinations for May Travel

Wondering where to travel in May? Here are five ideal destinations you shouldn't miss.

1. Sapa In May, the weather in Sapa becomes warmer, although its unique terrain keeps it slightly more relaxed due to its elevation. Visitors may experience all four seasons in a single day here, with cooler temperatures in the morning and evening and warmer temperatures at noon. May is the water pouring season, offering stunning views of terraced fields overflowing with water, reflecting the sunlight like a beautiful painting.

2. Moc Chau May marks the beginning of summer and the ripe plum season in Moc Chau. This is the busiest time of the year for tourists. Moc Chau is filled with the scent of ripe plums dyed red by the fruit. Visitors can pick and enjoy fresh plums while admiring the flooded rice fields and visiting lush tea gardens.

3. Phu Quoc Phu Quoc, the pearl island bestowed by nature, is a destination not to be missed. May is known for its beautiful weather in Phu Quoc, with temperatures not yet reaching the scorching heat of summer and minimal rainfall. The calm sea and pleasant weather create perfect conditions for various entertainment activities. Visitors can explore VinWonder Phu Quoc, Suoi Tranh Phu Quoc, or historical sites like Phu Quoc Prison.

4. Mui Ne - Phan Thiet If you're looking for a May travel destination, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet should be on your list. Known for its year-round hot climate, May is a time without storms, with gentle seas perfect for beach activities. Visitors shouldn't miss the contrasting red dunes against the calm blue sea. Mui Ne-Phan Thiet offers unique activities like camel riding, horseback riding, dune racing, and visits to historical sites like Cham Towers and Thuy Tu Mansion.

5. Mekong Delta Provinces May is an excellent time to visit the Mekong Delta provinces. The onset of summer brings ripe fruits, including durian, longan, and mangosteen. Visitors can enjoy tropical fruits right in the orchards, which are delicious and surprisingly affordable. In addition to exploring various fruit types, tourists can visit famous landmarks such as Binh Thuy Ancient House and Tra Su Melaleuca Forest. Don't forget to discover the local culture and lifestyle, such as visiting the floating market at Cai Rang in Can Tho.

With its pleasant summer climate, May is a perfect time to begin your travel journey. We hope this article helps you choose a suitable destination for a fantastic experience in May travel.

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