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Get Attractive Offers for PO Giri Indah Tickets Only at Easybook 🤝

January 16, 2024

GIA tickets can now be ordered on Easybook.

Companies operating in the transportation services sector were founded in the 1980s

Promo Mechanism:​

Users will get a discount of up to 20% (maximum IDR 20,000) and will get cashback of up to 24% (maximum IDR 24,000) on Easybook reward cash ​



Just buy Giri Indah tickets at Easybook and get discounts up to 44%* 🤩🤩

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You can check schedules, routes and prices by clicking the link below:

Happy traveling guys!

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* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.