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Travel to Pulau Aman

June 16, 2020

Stuck at home for so long, need something that can boost your life after CMCO? it's time to relax, escape to another place and enjoy some good food. Now you can book your ferry ticket to Pulau Aman, exclusively at easybook.com or easybook mobile apps.

Pulau Aman is located in the southeast of Penang Island and it is a very good location for you to run away from the hectic lifestyle in big city. Furthermore, it is famous for people going day trip, for seafood and mee udang and they even have offered some homestay to allow people stay overnight at there. So, you can choose either to overnight there or just do a one-day trip to taste their delicious seafood and mee udang.

The ferry is schedule daily every hour at 9 AM onwards. What are you waiting for? Get your ticket now, and enjoy your trip to Pulau Aman exclusively with Easybook.

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