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Explore St John’s and Kusu Island at Promotional Price with Singapore Island Cruise!

July 16, 2020

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While COVID-19 has stopped us from travelling overseas, the Southern Islands in Singapore may be your best option now for a quick getaway from city life without spending much. Read on to find out more about what these islands have to offer and book your ferry tickets on Easybook now!


St John’s Island

St John’s Island is one of Singapore’s many wonderful offshore islands. What was once a quarantine centre is now famed for its natural surroundings, and has evolved as a popular day-trip destination among local as well as international tourists.

Enjoy a nature walk

The island houses a range of mangrove species, coastal plants and coral reefs, retaining a piece of nature which we don’t get to see in the city. Trekking routes are also available on the island, where you’ll get a glimpse of the diversity of flora and fauna, and also a view of the mainland’s skyline.


Credit: SPH

Fun on the beach

Lazarus Island is home to spectacular beaches and lagoons. This wonderful isle is connected to St John’s Island via a small paved bridge where you can just walk over to cross between the two islands. You may also want a change of wind from the beaches on the main isle of Singapore. Get your bathing suit and enjoy the fun in the sun, sand and crystal-clear waters on the shore.

Another amazing island, Pulau Seringat, can also be accessed on foot from Lazarus Island. There’s nothing much here but it can be a great spot for some insta-worthy photos.


Credit: thesmartlocal.com

Kusu Island

Rooted with legends, superstitious beliefs and extraordinary mysteries, Kusu Island is one of Singapore’s secret isle.

Drop by at historic sacred places

Kusu Island possesses several shrines of Malay influences and Chinese temples. The temples are located near the shore whereas the shrines can be found on top of a small hill and are open throughout the year. During the annual Kusu pilgrimage seasons, the island hosts over 100,000 pilgrims happening from September to November.

Credit: cavinteo.blogspot.com

Wish for anything you want

It is believed that the shrines and temples can grant good health, marriage, wealth, children as well as harmony making it common for believers to pay a visit upon these blessings. You can also toss coins into a small wishing well located near the temple and wish for your desires or wants.

Credit: glamadventure.com

Look out for the tortoises

Kusu Island has hundreds of tortoises. In Chinese, Kusu Island simply denotes Tortoise Island. Visit the tortoise sanctuary and shelter that can be found on the island to learn more about them.


Credit: SPH

Pack a picnic

The vast spaces on Kusu Island are great spots for a nice picnic. Pack your stuff and set up a relaxing picnic with your friends or families. Bear in mind that there are no eateries or convenience stores available on the island so be sure to pack plenty of whatever you may need. 

Credit: glamadventure.com

Marine life exploration and a walk around reefs

A diverse range of hard corals and soft corals can be found on the shores along Kusu Island. You might also come across several crabs, fish, shrimps, clams and even coral reefs as well as sea turtles along the way. It is advisable to wear appropriate shoes for your beach walk to avoid sharps corals and sea urchins during low tides.

Credit: wondercreation.blogspot.com

Book your round trip ferry tickets now on Easybook to St John’s & Kusu Island, where exciting discoveries await!

*Ferry will depart from Marina South Pier to St John’s then to Kusu (loop). Do note that the ferry goes back to Marina South Pier directly from Kusu. If you would like to go back to Marina South Pier from St John’s, take the ferry to Kusu.

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