Cheapest Car Rental Price in Sarawak

Cheapest Car Rental Price in Sarawak

Sarawak is a place of adventure, diversity and mystery. From the incredible Bako National Park to the famous Batu Lawi mountains, Sarawak is truly an appealing destination. There is a breathtaking floating house at Lake Baku that is a favorite family vacation spot. Sarawak boast of a rich Malaysian culture and legendary heritage that is indigenous. There are significant and contemporary cinemas in Kuching, Miri and Sibu. The acme of the adventure is the Bukit Aup Jubilee Park that is an array of low hills that offers beautiful views of the surrounding. The park is also visited by the Ibani people who come to offer sacrifices to a benevolent spirit.

The most fantastic thing about traveling to Sarawak is that you can hire the cheaper car rental service in Sarawak online, thanks to Easybook. This service by Easybook enables you to acquire you to book your car online and be picked from your desired place. The service is simple, fast, secure and cheap. There is a variety of good and affordable cars from which you can select your favorite one as car rental in Sarawak.

It covers all the major pickup points. They include Bintulu Airport, Bintulu Area, Kuching Airport, Kuching Area, Limbag Area, Miri Airport, Miri area and Sibu area.The car brands that you can rent at Bintulu Airport are the Perodua, the Proton, Toyota, Honda, Nissan Kia, Isuzu and Ford. Various car types are available, and they include Hatchback, Sedan, MPV, SUV, Truck, Van and Luxury. The major companies that operate car rental services are Green Matrix Enterprise Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd, Aris Rental Services, Artemis Enterprise, and NZ Marketing Enterprises. Detailed information can be sought from Easybook or the particular companies. Green Matrix Enterprise Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd is a perfect car rental company that has vast experience, with over 1000 car units.

Easybook, the largest car rental service providers in Malaysia, saves you a lot of time and makes your car booking very easy. It is convenient and very reliable. You may also look out for various other car rental at various states that includes cheapest car rental in Penang, car rental Kedah, car rental in KL and heaps more popular destinations.

* Hanya 0.01% harga lebih tinggi dari harga di loket. ** Hanya berlaku untuk transaksi tanpa kode diskon dan penawaran dari perusahaan tertentu. *** Hanya untuk penawaran tertentu, harga tiket telah termasuk diskon (cth. Harga lebih rendah dari di loket) * Foto Bus hanya untuk referensi * Durasi trip hanya perkiraan.