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Ferry Terminals

Serasa Ferry Terminal

Located on the Borneo Island, Brunei Darussalam possesses some of Asia’s most beautiful mosques along with lush rainforests. The tiny sultanate boasts the largest oilfields within Southeast Asia making it among the wealthiest countries in the world.  

One of the several ferry terminals that are accessible in Brunei is Serasa Ferry Terminal. The ferry terminal acts as a jumping off point between other islands in Borneo (such as Labuan as well as Sabah) and Brunei 

How to Get to Serasa Ferry Terminal 

To reach Serasa Ferry Terminalferries and boats are available in nearby islands commuting to the abode land of peace. A few hotels in Brunei may also provide shuttle bus services for pick-ups and drop-offs at the ferry terminal as Serasa Ferry Terminal is widely known within the country. Please note that taxi services going to the ferry port are limited and public transportations in Brunei are almost uncommon. 

Popular Ferry Operator  

At the moment, Double Power Sdn. Bhd. is the only ferry operator offering services from Serasa Ferry Terminal. 

Popular Ferry Route 

Popular ferry route from Serasa Ferry Terminal in Brunei 

Facilities in Serasa Ferry Terminal  

Serasa Ferry Terminal is known as a small ferry port lying within the Brunei territory. Surrounded by friendly staff to guide tourists in and out of the ferry terminalSerasa Ferry Terminal provides several basic facilities for the convenience of public use.  

Inside the ferry terminal, a money changer is accessible, and several taxis may offer a ride outside the terminal. Please note that taxi services charge by the meter. The ferry port is generally well-maintained and clean with efficient baggage inspection as well as custom clearances.  
Top Features:  


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