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PO Dieng Indah Bus Service

PO Dieng Indah is a popular bus company that operates in the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia which continually serves convenient and efficient bus services in the country. The company is popularly known for direct bus routes from Jakarta to cities like Wonosobo, Purworejo, and Klaten conveniently upon booking the bus tickets on Easybook.

Located in Central Java of Indonesia, Wonosobo city lies between two incredible mountains namely Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. The city offers cool and humid weather, and being a tranquil city, Wonosobo’s city life however ends early which around 7:00 PM. Purworejo is a regency in the southern part of Central Java province in the country that serve picturesque scenery of its mountainous range and fascinating waterfalls. As the city of Klaten is widely known by its sugar industry, so naturally a Sugar Museum can be found here.

Since its establishment, PO Dieng Indah has been serving many commutes to various destinations with regular bus schedules available. The bus company ensures all the coaches to be well-maintained to provide a safe service for passengers. Only well-trained and experienced drivers are hired to manage PO Dieng Indah buses to provide reliable and trusted services in the area.

Popular Bus Routes by PO Dieng Indah

PO Dieng Indah is known to serve its famous bus trips with regular schedules for the passengers from the capital city of Jakarta to the cities of Wonosobo, Purworejo, and Klaten.

Other than these popular routes, PO Dieng Indah also served the bus route from Jakarta city to the town of Bukateja. From Lebak Bulus town, PO Dieng Indah offers bus services towards Wonosobo, along with other bus operators in the area including the famous Malino Putra’s buses.

Popular Bus Routes:

Facilities by PO Dieng Indah

PO Dieng Indah operates on fully air-conditioned express buses with 2 2 seating configuration that is equipped with basic facilities for a convenient bus ride. The facilities provided on these buses include large comfortable seats, spacious legroom and luggage compartment. Friendly drivers and staff of the company have managed to attract many travellers to book with PO Dieng Indah buses regularly.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Terminal Bus Kalideres, Jl. Daan Mogot KM.16, Jakarta Barat 81294667667
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