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Nok Air Flight Service

With 31 domestic and international destinations, Nok Air airlines is a premium low-cost airline based in Thailand with its hub strategically situated at the Don Mueang International Airport. The name of the airline is taken from a Thai word “nok”, which means bird. Bird in Thai’s belief symbolises friendship as well as the freedom to fly free which relates well to the service provided by the company.

Acting as one of Thailand’s famous low-cost air carriers, NokAir never fails to impress with various promotions for its air tickets. Besides providing affordable journeys for travellers, comfort remains the utmost priority for Nok Air airlines until today. NokAir’s slogan “Smiling Across Asia” shows how the company will never stop striving to spread the joy of travelling.

On top of that, registered under Nok Airlines Public Company Limited, this airline is a joint venture effort between public and private investors. With many domestic services operating out of Bangkok's international airport in Thailand, Nok Air airline has been providing flights to Vietnam and Myanmar, as well as China.

Nok Air Popular Flight Routes

Among the popular flight routes among travellers in the Southeast Asia regions with Nok Air airlines are trips from Bangkok to China, Myanmar, Vietnam and more. As NokAir mostly offer domestic flights, some of the most demanded trips are from Don Muang to Krabi, Don Muang to Chiang Mai, Phuket to Chiang Rai and Phuket to Chiang Mai. There are also other famous trips by Nok Air airlines flying from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport towards numerous exciting places of interest across the world.

  • Flight from Chiang Mai to Don Muang, Bangkok  
  • Flight from Don Muang, Bangkok to Phuket 
  • Flight from Don Muang, Bangkok to Chiang Mai 
  • Flight from Don Muang, Bangkok to Krabi 
  • Flight from Don Muang, Bangkok to Yangon 

Nok Air Seat Class

Nok Air airlines offer an exclusive Economy Class cabin. Under the Economy seat class, NokAir offers three different ticket types including the Nok Lite (basic), Nok X-tra and Nok Max. Fly with extra comfort by choosing the Nok Premium Seat that comes with extra-large legroom with a small fee that comes with extra benefits including priority check-in, boarding and baggage.

Economy Class

To better suit the travel lifestyle, Nok Air introduced new ticket types since 9 November 2017 in the economy class cabin. Nok Lite comes with a low-cost air ticket and a free cabin baggage allowance of 7 kg. NokAir’s Nok X-tra & Nok Max allow a total baggage check-in of 15 kg for domestic flights and 20 kg for international flights.

Nok Air Fleet

Travellers will be able to experience different fleets provided by NokAir. The airline’s fleets consist of Boeing 737-800, ATR 72-500 and Q400 NextGen, Nok Air offers a spacious cabin to ensure passengers are comfortable during the long-haul flights.

Type of Aircraft Seat Classes Seat Layout Seat Pitch Entertainment WiFi Power/USB Port
Boeing 737-800 Economy 3-3 configuration 30 inches
ATR 72-500 Economy 2-2 configuration 31 inches
Q400 NextGen Economy 2-2 configuration 29 inches

Nok Air Fan Club

Sign up to Nok Fan Club today to start earning great deals. Registered members under this club will have the chance to experience various benefits offered by the airline to make the journey more enjoyable. Nok Air Fan Club provides benefits such as priority check-in and dedicated check-in counters at Don Mueang Airport, as well as free extra baggage allowance and more.

Nok Air Baggage Allowance Check-In

For passengers boarding the Economy Class, NokAir will provide a maximum cabin baggage of 7 kg. If extra check-in baggage is needed, it can be purchased through the airline as well.

Flight Routes Seat Class Check-In Baggage Cabin Baggage
Domestic FlightsNok Lite0 kg Max. 7 kg
Nok X-tra & Nok Max 15 kgMax. 7 kg
Domestic FlightsNok Lite0 kg Max. 7 kg
Nok X-tra & Nok Max 20 kgMax. 7 kg

Nok Air Online E-Ticket Booking

To make the travel experience easy and fast, Easybook offers online airline booking to buy Nok Air flight tickets conveniently within minutes. Search for the preferred departure and destination points with preferred travel dates through our easy-to-navigate airline booking platform to securely purchase the air ticket through one of the payment channels available. Wait no more and let us help you fly with Nok Air!

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