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Train Stations

Battambang Railway Station

Established since 1953, the railway station of Battambang has recently reopened in July 2018 after being demolished during the Cambodian Civil War resulting in poor conditions of its rail tracks and suspension of train services. After the renovations, Battambang Station was able to operate trains to places suchlike Pursat, Phnom Penh and Poi Pet, all the way to the Thailand border. However, the trains in Battambang going to Phnom Penh operates only once a week, while trains to Poi Pet operates every Monday. For more comfortable train ticket booking, it is advisable that commuters review train schedule and train fares from and to Battambang Railway Station via online booking websites. 

How to Get to Battambang Station 

Transportations like tuk-tuks, motorbike hires and local taxis are easy to obtain within the city centre to reach Battambang Railway Station. Travellers can utilise nearby landmarks such as Sangker Gallery which is only 3 minutes away, while the Central Market is around 5 minutes away from Battambang Train Station 

Popular Train Operator 

The Royal Railways Cambodia is the creditable operator found offering several train services departing from Battambang Train Station to multiple places with varied train schedule and reasonably priced train fares. 

Popular Routes 

Popular train routes from Battambang Railway Station in Cambodia. 

Facilities in Battambang Railway Station 

Since its reopening, Battambang Train Station does not provide many facilities for guests’ convenience. One may need to ask for assistance from someone if wishes to use the washroom, while on the other hand, ticketing counters only operate before the train departure. Nonetheless, there are a few shops and restaurants located nearby to the railway station. 

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Battambang Railway Station

Battambang Royal Rail Station, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
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