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Newly-Launched Routes by KPB Express

Newly-Launched Routes by KPB Express

August 17th, 2018

Good news! You can book a bus services from Hatyai or Danok to JB Merlin Tower, Tun Aminah or Johor Jaya in Johor with KPB Express at Easybook now!

KPB Express is a well-known bus operator that is based in Butterworth, Penang providing long distance bus routes throughout all major cities in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

They have recently launched new routes from Thailand to Johor and their buses are equipped with 24 comfortable seats as well as ample leg space.

The details of new bus routes are shown as below:

Thailand to Johor

Departure points: Hatyai (Songkhla), Danok

Arrival points: JB Merlin Tower, Tun Aminah or Johor Jaya

Check out the new bus routes out at Easybook.com to have an enjoyable trip ahead.

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