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Bus to Hello Kitty Town

Bus To Hello Kitty Town, Johor

Malaysia has many beautiful places to visit. One of these places is the Hello Kitty Town in Johor, just across the border of Japan. It's an especially magical attraction for kids, as it is built completely according to the Hello Kitty theme. If you're thinking about booking a trip to Malaysia, the Hello Kitty Town should not be missed.

The Hello Kitty Park consists of several attractions, one of which is the Kitty House, where kids can marvel at the life of Hello Kitty with a complete bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. For children, a Hello Kitty Town Day Tour (Malaysia) will surely be a memorable experience. There are also plenty of interactive activities to be enjoyed. At the Wishful Studio, kids and adults alike can dress up, create jewelry or visit the nail studio. Baking cookies and making their own Hello Kitty doll is also something kids can enjoy while taking the Hello Kitty Town Day Tour (Malaysia).

The Hello Kitty Town offers so many pleasures for kids that it's even hard for parents not to enjoy themselves. On top of the before-mentioned activities, there's also a live performance by Hello Kitty and her friends at the 'Purrfect' stage. As the cherry on the cake, kids can also get a picture taken with Hello Kitty herself. This will create an unforgettable memory.

In case of special events like a birthday party there are the Apple and Strawberry Party Rooms for an amazing celebration. Playgrounds, tea cup rides and Black Wonder are some of the other things families can look forward to when booking a Hello Kitty Town Day Tour (Malaysia). Entertainment schedules vary from weekdays to weekends and holidays. A drink and a snack can also be enjoyed at the cafeteria in the park. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Book your trip now and have a holiday to remember!

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