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About Lumut Bus Station

Located about 84 kilometers from Perak's capital city of Ipoh is Lumut in the Manjung district. Once known as a fishing village, it has been transformed into a bustling town and is the gateway to one of Malaysia’s famous islands, Pangkor Island. Lumut acts as gateway to Pangkor Island, which is why it is usually crowded with the locals and travellers especially during the weekends or public holidays.

Getting to Lumut is very convenient as many bus operators within Peninsular Malaysia offer daily express bus services to the Lumut Bus Station locally known as Stesen Bus Lumut. Passenger would alight here to continue their journey to Lumut Jetty before taking a ferry to Pangkor Island.

How To Get To Lumut Bus Terminal

Lumut Bus Station is a single story sheltered building which is only about 300 meters from Terminal Jeti Lumut or simply known as Lumut Jetty. For locals staying in neighbouring towns, they can get to the Stesen Bas Lumut easily with a local bus. Otherwise, they can hitch a ride from friends or family members to the Stesen Bas Lumut.

Upon arriving at the Lumut Bus Station, the jetty is located within walking distance. It is also convenient for travellers to hop on the bus upon arriving at the Lumut jetty upon shopping for fresh seafood items from Pangkor Island.

Popular Bus Operators in Lumut Bus Station

Travelers are spoilt with choices for bus operators such as Transnasional, Plusliner, Express Kesatuan, Sri Maju Group, Perdana Express (Tiara Pesona Sdn Bhd) and more.

Popular Bus Routes

There are various departures from the major bus terminal in KL such as Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) to Lumut Bus Station daily. Popular routes from Lumut Bus Station in Perak include:


Lumut Bus Station is a single-story open-air building with a waiting platform and seating area around the bus platforms. Besides the counters for bus operators and management office located next to the Lumut Bus Station, there is also a food court situated right beside to the Lumut Bus Station for travellers to grab a quick bite and drink.

Top Features:


Whether travelling back to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in KL or Pangkor Island, the Lumut Bus Station acts as the connecting boarding and alighting points. The nearby and amazing Pangkor Island is a holiday paradise with many water sport activities are available for the entire family. Travel to and from Lumut Bus Station is super easy with Easybook by following these simple steps to book the bus ticket within minutes no matter where you are.

Contact Details:

Lumut Bus Station, Jalan Iskandar Shah, 32200 Lumut, Perak
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