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About Pasir Ris Bus Interchange

Pasir Ris Bus Interchange is located at Pasir Ris Central in the eastern part of Singapore and serves as a hub for bus interchange surrounding the area. The bus terminal is also adjacent to Pasir Ris MRT Station and near to White Sands Shopping Centre. The locals in Singapore often use public transports for their daily commute, particularly bus and MRT services 

How to Get to Pasir Ris Bus Terminal 

With the convenience of the public system provided in Singapore, getting to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange can be done conveniently by bus and MRT services. By bus, it is important to make sure to hop on the correct bus number that serves a route to Pasir Ris Bus InterchangeNumerous buses are available commuting to the bus interchange including bus service numbers 3, 5, 6, 15, 17, 21, 58, 68, 88, 403, 518 and more. Via MRT service, take an MRT ride offering a route towards Pasir Ris MRT Station and walk a few steps from the MRT station to reach Pasir Ris Bus Interchange. 

Popular Bus Operator in Pasir Ris Bus Station 

SBS Transit is the only bus operator managing bus services in Pasir Ris Bus Interchange. All transit buses that depart from the bus terminal run daily and are entirely controlled by the company. Bus tickets can now be conveniently reviewed and booked online.  

Popular Bus Routes 

Popular bus routes in Pasir Ris Bus InterchangeSingapore 

Facilities in Pasir Ris Bus Interchange 

Equipped with several basic interchange facilities, Pasir Ris Bus Interchange offers a canteen, information boards displaying bus departure time as well as toilets. Other nearby public amenities like White Sands Shopping Mall and Pasir Ris Town Park are accessible within walking distance from the bus station. 

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Pasir Ris Bus Interchange

501 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519490
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