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About Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange

Formerly known as Yishun Bus Interchange, Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange is a bus terminal in Singapore replacing the previous bus station. The current bus terminal connects the Yishun MRT Station using an underpass and a sheltered walkway via Northpoint Shopping Centre. Several public amenities within Golden Village Yishun, Yishun Pond Park, Yishun Polyclinic and Nee Soon Sports Centre are situated near the bus interchange. It is expected that in the future, bus services at the bus terminal are expected to be transferred over to Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. 

How to Get to Yishun Temporary Bus Terminal 

Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange is located within Yishun Town Centre serving the residential areas around Khatib and Yishun. The most convenient way of getting to the bus station is by taking trains via Yishun MRT Station as well as local buses stopping by at Yishun Temporary Bus InterchangeAnother feasible alternative to get to the bus terminal is by boarding a taxi whereby numerous taxi services are easily attainable in Singapore 

Popular Bus Operators 

Currently, SMRT and SBS Transit are the main bus operators at Yishun Temporary Bus InterchangeEach operator offers various bus schedules with affordable bus ticket prices and guarantees a comfortable journey.  

Popular Bus Routes 

Several bus routes are provided within Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange.  Among the popular routes utilised within the bus terminal include: 

Facilities in Yishun Temporary Bus Station 

The bus terminal provides a singular-vehicle concourse area which comes with two entry as well as exit points whereby one is along Yishun Central 1 and the other is at Yishun Avenue 9. Equipped with 27 double-decker bus parking bays as well as 21 bus parking bays, Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange offers interchange offices and information boards displaying bus arrival time. Proper boarding and alighting berths are also provided. Toilets, canteen and a sheltered waiting area are accessible at the bus station. 

Top features: 

Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange

20A Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768830
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