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About Sulug Island

Sulug Island is the least visited island out of all five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TAR Marine Park) in Sabah, Malaysia, located the farthest from Kota Kinabalu City. Just like the other islands of TAR Marine Park, Sulug is adorned by beautiful beaches with crystal-clear blue sea water and corals perfect for both snorkelling and diving. The clear waters help snorkellers and divers to explore the marine life in Sulug Island better. The best diving and snorkelling spots are Keramat Reef and the Tyre coral reefs.

Curious visitors often wonder why this island only gets a minimal number of visits from the tourists. Sulug Island mostly receives the attention of nature lovers and photographers, who would like to witness and capture the unseen sight of the island personally. There are no development, accommodation or jetty on this island. Passengers will have to get off the boat and walk to get to the nearest shore. Camping is allowed on this island, but visitors will have to bring their tent and other necessary tools.

The best sight in Sulug Island can be witnessed by walking along the island to the edge of the beach before seeing a rare view of the sand carpeted by numerous corals and seashells. Sulug Island is an ideal place for a free-and-easy getaway. Having the island unoccupied most of the time, island exploration is easy within the island that feels privately owned.

How to Get to Sulug Island

Visitors can take a 20-minute boat trip to Sulug Island from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, which is within walking distance from Kota Kinabalu City. However, be reminded that sometimes the regular boat services do not provide a stop in Sulug Island. Visitors will have to check ferry schedule as the trips will be provided depending upon demand. Another best alternative to get to Sulug Island is by booking a charter boat, where it gives access to Sulug Island and other islands of TAR Marine Park.

Popular Ferry Operator in Sulug Island

Boat trips to Sulug Island are provided by Island Hope Express and Sunny Rainbow Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd.

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No facilities are available.

Sulug Island Contact Details

Address: Sulug Island, Sabah
Telephone: Not available


Sulug Island is indeed a hidden tropical blessing of Sabah islands. Once entering the island, visitors will get to experience a genuine and relaxing island-hopping experience. The untouched tropical green forest, white sandy beach and clear waters are the true wonders of nature that Sulug Island has to offer. Curious explorers would be able to do many activities here and find the best ways to make the trip to Sulug Island memorable.

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