Train to Chumphon

Train to Chumphon

There are 3 trains types to Chumphon located in the south of Thailand - Special Express, Rapid and Express. The fastest train service between Bangkok and Chumphon is Train 43 which is scheduled to complete the journey in 6 hours 21 minutes, whilst the slowest service is Train 173 which is scheduled to arrive in Chumphon in 9 hours 13 minutes after departing from Bangkok. Sleeper berths are available on all trains except Trains 43, 41 and 39.

There are lots of train to Chumphon from Bangkok, the trains faster services for which tickets can be purchased online through Easybook website. There are other slower and less comfortable services which can be booked directly at Hua Lamphong Railway Station, but unless you are on a very tight budget we do not advise you to use these services.

While taking train to Chumphon, there is scenery of beaches and mountains along the route to the south. Many tourists come here by bus and train every summer for surfing and scuba diving. This is one of popular destinations in Thailand such as Koh Tao. Therefore, Chumphon is one of the busiest train stations in the south of Thailand.

Ticket fare to Chumphon Train Station is not expensive because the distance is not far from Bangkok. You can take both a day or night sleeper train to there and if you prefer air-con carriage the extra charge is requested to pay a little bit more!

The advanced bookings for sleeper trains between Bangkok and Chumphon with e-ticket can be done at Easybook.com. The passenger needs to provide the passenger name, surname with ID. No. or Passport no. while booking through online. Train e-ticket must consist of passenger’s ID. No. or passport then grab the train to Chumphon easily.

Chumphon train stations have got ticket counter, toilet, convenient store, transfer and ferry ticket counter.

More information can be found at www.easybook.com/train

* Chỉ có 0.01% chuyến đi có giá cao hơn giá tại quầy. ** Chỉ áp dụng cho các giao dịch không dùng mã giảm giá và các chuyến được cung cấp bởi một số công ty nhất định. *** Chỉ áp dụng cho một số tuyến nhất định, giá ghi trên vé là giá đã giảm (thấp hơn so với giá tại quầy). * Hình ảnh xe chỉ để tham khảo. * Thời lượng chuyến đi chỉ mang giá trị ước tính.