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Best Guide from Johor to Genting

Genting Highland is a popular vacation spot famous for the theme park and casino. It is commonly referred to as "The City of Entertainment". It is located in a mountain. This is the only place in Malaysia with a license to gamble. It is an ideal place for a family get-together. The theme park is wonderful for grownups and adults with all the thrill rides. In Genting highland you can walk all around the peak and enjoy nature in its true colors.

The best way to reach this place is by bus as it is very safe. The majority of the travellers prefer to travel from Johor to Genting Highland by bus as it is very convenient. JB Transliner & Tours is one of the famous express buses that offer this express service. You can pick-up a taxi in Johor and reach the Larkin bus terminal, JB Merlin Tower, Tun Aminah or JB Sri Putri. The express bus will then drop you down at First World Bus Terminal.

The journey is around 5-6 hours based on the traffic. The majority of the buses stops for a short refreshment break of about 20 minutes. The entire journey is very convenient with the luxurious, fully reclining seats and the air-conditioning. The bus fare is very nominal compared to the comfort. With all the comfort you will not realize the travel time.The tickets can be booked online. With, you are rest assured to have a safe and enjoyable journey anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. This online booking will save your time and energy.


Depart Journey: Johor to Genting Highlands ( Duration: 5 hours 4 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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