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Bus to Malacca

Travelling by bus to Malacca

Malacca is one of the premier locations in Malaysia which is visited by millions of travelers each year. Reaching Malacca is a major concern for everyone but you don’t need to worry as there are top coach companies plying hundreds of buses between Malacca and other major cities in Malaysia and Singapore. Booking bus tickets online is quite convenient as it saves precious time and money. Moreover, the ticket issued has all the relevant details such as coach company name, departure time, arrival details, pick up and drop off locations. Moreover, you don’t need to worry even if you lose your ticket as its copy is sent directly to your email.

Bus Terminal in Malacca

Malacca has major bus terminals with various buses plying different routes and directions at specific allocated times. But, you can book your bus ticket with a click of mouse and choose pick up and drop off points as per your feasibility. It is very convenient to book a bus to Malacca as the coach companies ensure that the journey is fulfilled within given time period.

Some of the main bus terminals in Malacca include: Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal

Major Coach Companies in Malacca, Malaysia

These coach companies are known for their well established customer base along with feasibility in services offered to its passengers such as TV, message chair, food etc. These services are cherished throughout Malaysia as they enhance the experience of travelling to far off places in Malaysia. Apart from that, these coach companies personalize the experience for passengers on board as they receive specially prepared food along with evening snacks and beverage.

Some of the well-known express buses to Malacca from Penang include: New Asian Travel, Transnasional, Cepat&Cekap Express

Some of the well-known express buses to Malacca from KL include: Delima, NICE

There are wide ranges of buses available from various states of Malaysia. They usually depart from 8 AM in the morning as passengers intend to travel long distance in a short period of time. Moreover, they intend to reach designated place as soon as possible. However, the last bus plying towards Malacca is available till 9:30 PM. Though, the timings and schedules can vary from place to place. It shows that there are plenty of buses available even if you miss your scheduled bus.

Bus Ticket Pricing & Places of Interest

There are endless attractions in Malacca with various facilities for touring & travelling. However, travelling to Malacca is quite simple as offers some of the cheapest fares with best-in-class facilities. The bus tickets are priced from 10 MYR to 60 MYR. The range of prices varies with places and facilities. Most of the buses are air-conditioned. It makes it easier for passengers to travel conveniently from one place to another without the hassle of travelling in a congested coach. Moreover, most of the coaches are brand new with exotic facilities. The seats are designed for the comfort of the passengers along with relaxing features.

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