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Take a ride with KTM train to Penang

Take a ride with KTM train to Penang

A state in Malaysia, Penang is situated beside the Peninsular Malaysia coast. As the city has the two beautiful places on its north and south, Kedah and Perak, the visual beauty of the place is unparallel. To experience the beauty of Malay Peninsula, many tourists head for the place during different seasons of the year. Penang, though highly urbanized as well as an industrial hub, maintains the balance between the cityscapes and the natural beauty quite well and no doubt, this balance keeps the tourists come to this place. At the same time the wide variation in the culture, ethnicity, religion and language makes them more inclined to pay a visit to the city. The rich heritage that the city and its adjacent areas have has drawn the tourists more and more.

From heading to Penang, there are roadways as well as the train routes. Though the roadways are availed by a few, most prefer the wonderful train route. Having a journey at the train from KL to Penang is really an experience for the tourists. They can avail the KTM train for heading for Penang. At present there is one intercity Express train in a day that can be booked. The train departs from the Butterworth Train Station and reaches at Kuala Lumpur station. The ETC trains, that are high speed, have also started from the month of July of this year.

It is true that the duration of the train journey is a bit slower than the bus (for an hour or so), but most of the tourists prefer the KL to Penang train journey because of the picturesque landscapes, stations and cultural variations that they can experience en rout. This is no doubt a journey that they can cherish. Now that the ETS trains have started, only four hours it takes to reach Penang from Kuala Lumpur. These trains are comfortable in a number of ways for the tourists. Firstly, they are faster than the intercity trains, secondly, they can be booked online. So the tourists can book them beforehand. On the public and school holidays the trains become filled. So advanced booking can come to a lot of use during that time. With the beginning of this train service, the number of tourists is also increasing.

At the same time the tourists can take similar kind of services for the Penang to Bangkok train. Be it intercity or the ETS trains, the tourists can have all the options opted for.

There are also the night trains as well available for heading to Penang from Kuala Lumpur. But most prefer the day journey as they can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. There is the Langkawi Express that runs in the route during nighttime. The journey is comfortable no doubt. However, the tourists are making more journeys during the day.

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