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Alor Gajah Bus Terminal

Alor Gajah Bus TerminalAlor Gajah bus terminal is a bus station in Malaysia which serves to connect the town of Alor Gajah to other cities, towns and locations in Malaysia. Its physical address is Jalan Dato Mohd Zin, Alor Gajah Bus Terminal. The city of Alor Gajah is located in Malaysia and specifically within the state of Malaka.

The bus terminal serves as a station for various bus companies which ply along the Malaysian roads and the Stesen Bas Alor Gajah offers them the opportunity to offload passengers from other cities who are bound for Alor Gajah and at the same time pick new passengers from Alor Gajah who are heading to new cities.

Heaps of express bus services operator serves the bus routes to and fro Alor Gajah Bus Terminal such as: Konsortium Express, Cepat & Cekap Express, Delima Express and heaps more

Bus routes to and fro Alor Gajah Bus Terminal

These bus companies are in regulation with the Malysian transport laws and also have standardized bus fares which also have different price charts for adults and children which is a breather considering that there are countries adults and children are charged the same price. The buses also follow a scheduled time table which makes it convenient for passengers who are travelling on tight schedules.

To travel to various locations to and fro Alor Gajah Bus Terminal - Melaka customers can book their bus tickets online with by referring to the bus schedules in the respective bus operator page or selecting your own bus trip at’s main page.

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