Bandar Seri Begawan to Pontianak Bus Services

As the third largest island in the world, Borneo is an island full of wonders. You can find many great places to visit upon booking a bus ticket. Take a bus from Bandar Seri Begawan to Pontianak in Indonesia and you will be amazed by the multicultural city that comes with a great mix of culture and is known as a transportation hub as well. We want to help make your travel planning as easy as possible without having to leave the comfort of your space. Get your bus ticket online at affordable fares at Easybook without hassle. Whether you want to book the bus ticket on our website or download our mobile app to your devices, Easybook is ready to serve you no matter the time or place. If you are located in Brunei, hop on a bus from Bandar Seri Begawan to Pontianak in Indonesia conveniently once you have book your ticket with us through these few simple steps.

About Pontianak, Indonesia

Pontianak is the capital of the West Kalimantan province in Indonesia. Founded by Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie in 1771, Pontianak was developed to be a trading port in the island of Borneo by the delta of Kapuas River. The 26th largest populated city in Indonesia is also known as the Equatorial City as it is located right on the equator with the city centre being situated less than 3 KM away. You can also travel to East Malaysia and Brunei from Pontianak conveniently, which is located by the Trans Kalimantan Highway whether you are going to Kuching, Sarawak or Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

You will find a diverse group of people including Dayak, Malay and Chinese in this multicultural city of Pontianak that speaks different languages as well. Note that Indonesian is the official language of the country, so all documents and even road signs will be as such. The common language between the local people in this city is Pontianak Malay that is pretty close to what Sarawak Malay as well as Johor-Riau Malay.

Monuments in Pontianak, Indonesia

There are many extraordinary monuments when you visit this capital city of West Kalimantan province. Below are just some of the one that you cannot miss and should know about.

The Digulist Monument is a prominent building in Pontianak, Indonesia that has adopted several different names among the local community. This hard-to-miss landmark that is symbolised by bamboos surrounded by a fountain serves as a memorial of the struggle eleven leaders in West Kalimantan. It was launched in November 1987, while the water fountain was incorporated later on in October 2013.

Khatulistiwa Monument is a strong architecture that stands at 25.5-metre-high since September 1991. Located about 3 kilometres from the city centre of Pontianak, this monument is considered the city’s icon that you should not miss out on. The Khatulistiwa Monument or also known as Equator Monument is actually the duplicate of the real monument that can be found at the bottom of the dome inside, which was made in 1928.

There are also other monuments with very interesting designs around in this Indonesian city such as The Clock Tower, Monuments Dynamics to The Top and Adipura Monument that you can find. Keep your eyes peeled on these amazing structures to make your trip by bus from Bandar Seri Begawan to Pontianak a memorable one.

Things to eat in Pontianak, Indonesia

There are plenty of things to eat when you are in Pontianak as it is known as a food haven. You will be spoiled for choices with the mix of food from a diverse mix of cultures that include Tionghua-Indonesian, Malay, Dayak and Javanese. Let us share some of the dishes you should try to make your trip by bus from Bandar Seri Begawan that much more worth it.

First item to mention is the most popular Pontianak delicacy called kwecap. It is a flat white rice noodle that is deep cooked and served with pork skin, tofu, minced meat, garlic bits, okra and many others that you can choose from. This non-halal dish is served with clear soup and it will leave you wanting more. Another famous item that you can find here is called bakso, which is Indonesian meatballs made from beef surimi.

There are plenty of noodle dishes for you to experience like the Bakso which is a very common food that you can find in Indonesia. You can find either flat or round-shaped meatballs when ordering this fine noodle dish. Kwe Kia Theng is another rice noodle dish worth trying out. It is served with soya sauce as the dark broth that is prepared with pork and egg. This one actually resembles Kueh Chap that you can find in Malaysia.

Love your dry noodles, but want it to be served with a giant crab pincer? Then you need to try out the crab meat noodles called Bakmi Kepiting. Another crab dish you should try out is Kepiting Asap, which literally translates as smoked crab. Taste all the crab juices as it is stuffed with specialty spices for a glorious dish.

Mutton lovers, you need to try the delicious Gulai Kambing which is a dish stewed in gravy that is both sweet and spicy. The lamb comes off the bone so easily and it tastes amazing when served with rice. It will leave you wanting more!

Does that list make you salivate? If it does, then start planning a trip from BSB to the wonderful Pontianak in Indonesia for a food trip with your friends and family. Check the timetable available on Easybook website for bus from Bandar Seri Begawan to Pontianak according to your preferred travel schedule, follow these simple instructions, make your payment and let us do the rest for you. Gone are the days when you have to queue up at the counter to buy your bus ticket. Easybook looks forward to serving your next trip soon with affordable fares!

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