Selangor, Malaysia
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
08 December 2019, Sun
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Selangor, Malaysia
09 December 2019, Mon

Selangor, Malaysia to Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia Bus Schedule & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration Departure Day Fare Start From
Konsortium Malaysia 15:30:00 15:30:00 03h09m S M T T F S MYR 22.00
Plusliner 08:45:00 23:15:00 03h08m S M T W T F S MYR 24.10
Permata Utara Sdn Bhd 23:30:00 23:30:00 03h09m S M T W T F S MYR 25.00
Sri Maju Group 09:00:00 09:00:00 03h39m S M T T F S MYR 27.50
Supernice Grassland 20:00:00 20:35:00 03h09m S M T W T F S MYR 28.00
Starmart Express 07:45:00 23:30:00 03h09m S M T W T F S MYR 30.00
KPB Ekspres 09:30:00 18:05:00 03h09m S M T W T F S MYR 33.00
Naik Selalu Express 09:15:00 23:30:00 03h09m S M T W T F S MYR 33.00

Best Guide from Selangor to Ipoh

Best Guide from Selangor to Ipoh

Selangor is the most economically significant region of Malaysia and surrounds the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. It is one of the two states in Malaysia that have two cities the first being Selangor and the capital Shah Alam. On the other hand, Ipoh is the capital city of the state of Perak and is one of the largest cities in Malaysia. Ipoh is a top tourist destination while Selangor is more of a business friendly destination while also receiving its fair share of tourists.

Travel guide fo bus from Selangor to Ipoh

Bus tickets from Selangor to Ipoh can be purchased online from Easybook.com at a reasonable price. Bus companies that service this route include Plusliner, Transnasional and heaps more. The buses pick passengers from various stations from all over the two states and cities and drop passengers where it is most convenient for them. Popular pick points in Selangor include Puchong Tesco, Putrajaya Sentral, Terminal Shah Alam, Pudu Sentral and Klang Sentral while drop off points in Ipoh include Jalan Bendahara and Amanjaya.

Travel time from Selangor to Ipoh by bus is roughly 3 hours and is very convenient, comfortable and rewarding. This is because traveling by bus offers unique sightseeing opportunities while offering the comfort of reclining seats that you get to book by yourself. Not to mention, bus operators also offer stops at various joints so that passengers can get refreshments to relieve themselves.

You can visit Easybook.com and easily book tickets for your next trip from Selangor to Ipoh at your own convenience. By booking your ticket on Easybook.com you also get the unique opportunity of choosing your unique operator, your preferred seats your departure time and your drop off point. Secure payments can be done though all major debit and credit cards. Book a bus from Selangor to Ipoh and for a hassle free journey.

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