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Bus is one of the transportation services that is quite popular among the public today. Affordable ticket prices and many destination routes make bus the transportation of choice for people from different economic backgrounds. It's no wonder that on every major street, the presence of intercity or interprovincial buses is never absent. Buses have also been a form of land transportation since ancient times. One of the bus companies that still exists today is ALS.

Profile of ALS Bus Branch in Surabaya

When hearing the name ALS bus, the first thing that comes to mind is a large bus with lots of baggage and a blue tarp cover. Yes, ALS is one of the intercity and interprovincial transportation that still operates on the streets of cities and provinces. The ALS bus route continues to increase, starting from interprovincial routes in Sumatra and now has cross-island routes, amazing right?

Due to the increasing number of routes, ALS established several branches in several cities to make it easier for passengers, one of which is the ALS branch in Surabaya. The ALS Surabaya branch is located at Jln. Letjen Sutoyo No. 140, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The routes owned by the ALS Surabaya branch are from the city of Surabaya to several cities and provinces in Java and Sumatra islands such as Surabaya - Yogyakarta - Semarang - Bandung - Jakarta, Surabaya - Palembang - Padang - Medan.

Facilities of ALS Bus in Surabaya

This bus that has been operating for more than 50 years offers several classes of buses to passengers. The facilities obtained are different for each class. This is intended so that passengers can adjust the ticket price to their pockets. The first class is the non-toilet AC bus class where the seat configuration is 2-3, the bus is equipped with AC but there is no toilet on the bus. The second class is the toilet AC bus where the seat configuration is 2-2 and the bus is already equipped with a toilet.

The last class is the super executive class with the most complete facilities ranging from 2-1 seat configuration, air-conditioned and toilet-equipped vehicles, each passenger will be given snacks and mineral water as well as pillows and blankets to add comfort to the passengers. Each bus is already equipped with entertainment in the form of personal LED TV and a special smoking room.

Booking Tickets for ALS Bus Branch in Surabaya

The ALS Surabaya branch provides convenience in terms of ticket booking. Tickets for this bus can be booked online or offline. If you want to book tickets online, you can do so through the website of an online bus ticket booking service provider at Easybook.com or through the Easybook.com application that can be downloaded through the playstore or appstore. Ticket booking offline can be done through the ALS Surabaya branch office and authorized agents. Ticket prices vary depending on the route, class, and availability.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
ALS Surabaya Jl. Letjend Sutoyo No.251
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