Krung Siam Tour


Krung Siam Tour has been setting up bus connections throughout Thailand for over 30 years. They are an excellent choice for tourists who want to go from Bangkok to Koh Samui but want to avoid paying more to fly directly.For those travelling with many bags, the slightly more expensive ticket class that comes with three pieces of luggage might be worth it. If you buy a cheaper ticket, you can only bring two bags. You can pay extra for any other bags, which will cost you more.

Krung Siam Tour is an excellent choice for avoiding flying between Bangkok and Surat Thani. It's also much faster and safer than taking the train. In Thailand, trains are usually slow and run late a lot of the time. You can also enjoy massage seats and personal TV sets on Krung Siam Tour services, so the trip should go by quickly.

One of the best ways to get from Bangkok to the famous islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan is with the Krung Siam Tour. When you get to Surat Thani, there are a lot of companies and routes that go to the islands, most of which include transfers to your hotel.

Krung Siam Tour Services

Krung Siam Tour's buses mainly travel between Bangkok and many places in southern Thailand, such as Surat Thani, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui. The company prioritizes safety and comfort, so on some routes, they offer VIP buses with reclining seats, personal TVs, and food on board. Furthermore, Krung Siam Tour buses are known for being comfortable, with safety is essential to the company, so they have two drivers per bus so that they can work shifts and stay more alert on longer trips.

Popular Routes and Schedule

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