PT Kurnia Anugerah Pusaka (KAP Group)

KAP Group Profile

PT Kurnia Anugerah Pusaka, or abbreviated as KAP Group, is a bus transportation company located in Medan, North Sumatra. It was initially founded in 1974 under the name PO Kurnia. Since its establishment, the development of PO Kurnia has been remarkable. Due to constraints on route quotas for each company, PO Anugerah was subsequently established. As for the name Pusaka, it originated from the acquisition of PAT (Aceh Timur Bus Union), which was later renamed PO Pusaka. Until now, KAP Group continues to expand its reach and has gained the trust of the surrounding community to become a reliable bus operator.

KAP Group Routes

KAP Group continually enhances its services to passengers, expanding its destination routes. Currently, the routes owned by KAP Group include:

  • Medan - Banda Aceh
  • Medan - Sigli
  • Medan - Beurneun
  • Medan - Bireun
  • Medan - Lhokseumawe
  • Medan - Langsa
  • Medan - Takengon
  • Medan - Pekanbaru
  • Medan - Padang
  • Medan - Payakumbuh
  • Medan - Bukittinggi

Fleet and Facilities of KAP Group

By selecting the best fleet, namely Mercedes Benz and Scania, we provide the best service for passengers. In addition, the bus's interior facilities, equipped with AC, toilet, TV, power outlets, blankets, pillows, and various seat numbers such as 34, 36, and 38 seats, are our main focus to enhance passenger comfort and safety during the journey.

Ticket Booking with KAP Group

Booking tickets with KAP Group can be done online through Easybook.com. Simply register or log in and enter your name, city of origin, destination city, number of passengers, and departure time. You can also view ticket prices for traveling to other cities. For ticket payment, you can choose a payment method provided by Easybook.com. The ticket prices for KAP Group vary depending on your destination city.

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Office Location

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