Phúc An Express Bus Service

Phúc An Express is a bus operator based in Vietnam that provides 5-star express buses that travels from Ho Chi Minh City to several significant locations in the country. This company is not the regular express bus as Phúc An Express serves high-quality sleeping coaches for travellers who prefer a luxurious and comfortable long-distance bus trip. The company is known for having a group of well-trained and professional staff that helps to maintain its quality services to serve the passengers.

With its motto “faith is valuable,” Phúc An Express is determined to offer high-end services, as well as reasonable bus ticket prices to allow everyone to travel with the company with ease. The luxury express bus is also furnished with top-notch facilities to provide passengers with a relaxing trip. Besides the buses, Phúc An Express also operates trucks for cargo delivery services.

Type of bus and amenities on board

Express buses by Phúc An Express comes in 40 comfortable sleeper seats complete with first-class facilities on board such as adjustable air-conditioning outlet and smart lighting where passengers can choose to customise the temperature and brigntness according to personal preferences. On top of the sleeper buses, Phúc An Express has the 20-seat limousine that comes with private beds as well.

Each sleeper bed is equipped with a small TV, WiFi connection and power charging port. Passengers have spacious legroom without having to strain the legs during the journey. Passengers can choose either the 40 or 20-seater coach that comes with a small blanket on each bed, cold towels, food and drinks.

Main features:
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Smart lighting
  • TVs
  • WiFi
  • Charging port
  • Blanket

Phúc An Express Bus Schedules & Price

The bus routes arranged by Phúc An Express depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, Cam Ranh and Ninh Hoa with return trips as well. The travel time will depend on the destination, which could take up 9 to 10 hours of journey.

The price for the 40-seater sleeper bus offered starts from 200,000 VND, while the 22-seater limousine is around 380,000 VND.

Popular Bus Routes


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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
215 PH?M NGU LÃO, PHU?NG PH?M NGU LÃO, QU?N 1, TP. H? CHÍ MINH 02838 377 778
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