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About SKMK Bachok Bus Station

Kelantan aims to achieve the goal of establishing a state that adheres to Islamic values in every state's developmental aspect, including tourism. This leads to Bachok being declared as such to the public as the Islamic Tourism Town in Kelantan. Bachok is best known for its fishing villages and beautiful beaches where travellers will get to experience refreshing road trips passing by the South China sea in this scenic district. Bachok is situated about 25 kilometres away from the capital of Kelantan, Kota Bharu. The famous sandy beach that receives constant visits from locals and visitors is Irama Beach, facing the South China Sea.

The main bus terminal in Bachok that operates bus services is SKMK Bachok Bus Station (Stesen Bas Bachok), located just next to Irama Beach. The station is an open-air building that is sheltered with basic facilities and surrounded by some shops and restaurants nearby. Bachok Bus Station has become the pickup point for passengers to board and get to any scheduled destination.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from SKMK Bachok Bus Station

How to Get to SKMK Bachok Bus Stop

There are no train services available in Bachok District, hence the only transportation service available getting to Bachok is the bus. Some of the states that offer direct bus trips to SKMK Bachok Bus Station are Kuala Lumpur, Pahang, Terengganu and Kedah.

Another quicker option is by boarding an hour's flight to Kota Bharu Airport (Sultan Ismail Petra Airport) from KL. Once arrived, take a 24-minute car or taxi ride from the airport to Terminal Bas Kota Bharu to get a bus directing to Bachok.

Travelling within Kelantan districts to Bachok SKMK Bus Station is only accessible by bus, taxi and personal car. Locals in Bachok would usually grab a taxi or book ride-sharing services to go to the SKMK Bus Station.

Popular Bus Operators

SKMK Bachok Bus Station is served by two bus operators which are Ekspress Mutiara and Perdana Express (Tiara Pesona Sdn Bhd). These are the only bus operators that offer an arrival stop at SKMK Bachok Bus Station. They also provide passengers with multiple trips to many states in Peninsular Malaysia.

Facilities in SKMK Bachok Bus Station

SKMK Bachok Bus Station is an old and simple sheltered bus station. Shop lots are located just around the bus station and it only takes a few minutes to get there, which makes it convenient for visitors to stop by.

Top Features:


With the arranged bus trips available to Bachok, an amazing weekend break or picnic plan with friends and family can be made possible. As a coastal town, Bachok is adorned with the beautiful Irama Beach which is located 10 minutes away on foot. There are food stalls open at the beach, so your stomach can be filled without worry while enjoying the lovely beach sight. This beach is also equipped with other facilities such as a children’s playground, prayer room, toilet and parking spaces.

To get a pleasant beach experience, bus tickets to Bachok can be booked online on the Easybook website.

SKMK Bachok Bus Station Contact Details:

Jalan Pantai Irama, Bachok 16300, Kelantan, Malaysia
+609-7667 233

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