D One Permata Ferry Service

D One Permata Ferry Servicey

The D One Permata Ferry Service is a Malaysian ferry based specifically in Sabah. This ferry operator is popular and reliable ferry transportation that specializes in transferring and connecting passengers from Semporna Jetty going to several Islands in the area of Semporna.

Semporna is a popular tourist attraction, and the only way to get to travel to the neighboring Islands of Semporna is through speedboats. These speedboats must be in good condition to ensure safety and to give you the service you need. Semporna catches the heart of most tourists because of having not just a beautiful nature and scenery, but it is also a gateway to scuba diving and snorkeling Islands, which can be found in Sabah and in its little places.

These little Islands include Kapalai, Sipadan, Mabul, Mataking, Pom Pom, Mantabuan, Sibuan, and Siamil offering different, unique beaches and distinct characteristics for water diving activities for adventure-seeking tourists that you don't want to miss.

Routes and Schedules of D One Pertama Ferry Service

The Popular route of D One Permata navigates from Semporna Jetty to Gusungan Island, and Mabul Island and the travel time will take for more than two hours. The other routes are from Semporna Jetty to Gusungan, Kapalai, Mabul and vice-versa, then from Semporna Jetty to Pompom, Makati, Pandanan and vice-versa. Lastly, from Semporna Jetty to Sibuan to Boheydulang and vice-versa.

The ticket prices are at an affordable price, but the rate and schedule may vary depending on the season and on the weather condition as the safety of passengers are the most important. The schedules and ferry tickets of D One Permata ferry service are available on Easybook online booking service. It offers a hassle-free and easier way of planning your next adventure.

Plan your next Malaysian destination through Booking for D One Permata at Easybook. Passengers like you who want to experience the exciting water sport activities, unique Island attraction, and traditional culture in Sabah, Semporna, and in other Islands can now get a chance by just visiting the online website of Easybook. You may also just download their mobile app to get your booking done in just one click.

Through this Easybook, you can now review and check the updates about D One Permata Service and choose your preferred schedules, ferry routes and get more specific details that you will need for your next water adventure.

D One Pertama Ferry Service’s Best Facilities

The D One Permata also has amenities that they are proud to share and provide to their passengers like lifejackets and lifebuoys, both a piece of safety equipment to give extra precautions and ensure everyone's safety on board. The ferry also has a speedboat with a passenger capacity of 12 people. In addition, the boat is navigated by professionals and crews who are all experienced and have expertise in their field. In addition, the staffs on board are very friendly and welcoming, so you will definitely enjoy your trip here just like home.

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