KM Sultan Ferry Service

KM Sultan is a popular ferry operator that is based in Lampung Province within Indonesia offering regular boat services for travellers daily. Located in the southern tip of Sumatra Island, Lampung’s surroundings are picturesque, and the area has a variety of interesting views and welcoming locals. Today, many weekenders from different cities within Indonesia travel to the province just to witness the famous elephants of Way Kambas National Park. 

KM Sultan provides boat sailing services from 4 Ketapang Pier to the Port of Pahawang Besar Island daily for passengers’ convenience. The company offers regular ferries between these destinations to provide extra flexibility for travellers in planning their journey. Travelling to Port of Pahawang Besar Island would be a great move for underwater-lovers, as the island is said to be paradise for snorkelers due to the beauty of its underwater treasures. Passengers on board KM Sultan are guaranteed to have an exciting boat sailing experience with sightings of magnificent views along the river. 

Popular Ferry Route: 

Amenities covered by KM Sultan 

KM Sultan’s 14-seater speedboat and ferries are fully equipped with basic amenities and facilities, which among them include comfortable seatand sufficient legroom for passengers to relax. Friendly staff on the company’s ferries are approachable by passengers during each journey for a pleasant sailing experience.  

KM Sultan’s fleet of boats has been designed with the best safety gears in order to provide optimal security and to avoid any unwanted issues for onboard passengers. Standard amenities provided on the boat include comfortable seats, life-jackets and lifebuoys. KM Sultan’s passengers can just simply sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.  

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