100% Safe to Travel Now in Public Transports! (with 100% airtight Lekad mask, first in Malaysia and the world)

Easybook recently partnered with Dr. Chew of Lekad Mask inventor to promote the first airtight mask in the world against airborne viruses such as covid-19 and flu in enclosed public transport.


Lekad Original (LO) Stick-on Mask | 10 pieces per pack

RM 25.00
  • LO's adhesive is recommended to stick once ONLY and stickiness will reduce on subsequent application.
  • All LEKAD mask is recommended for SINGLE USE only.
  • Each pack comes with 10 pieces of Lekad face mask.
  • Airtight (Zero Leakage)
  • No ear loops, No nose piece and stringless
  • Non-sensitive medical adhesive
  • Hijab friendly
  • Anti-fogging
  • Better fitting, easy to breathe
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Medical grade fabrics

Delivery charges: FREE DELIVERY (Min 2 packs)

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Lekad Face Mask Fit Test Report

Fit testing was done on both Lekad Original and Lekad Protection Extra, with Portacount fit testing machine, gold standard respirator fit test, using OSHA Fast Protocol 29CFR1910, the latest Protocol accepted by OSHA.

The result were 200+ fit factor for both Lekad Original and Lekad Protection Extra, compare to benchmark 100 for N95 respirator.

It means air within Lekad mask is 200+ times cleaner than surrounding air.

Fit Test Reports Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Reports Medical Adhesive Hypoallergenic Reports

How to wear Lekad Face Mask

About Lekad Face Mask

A breakthrough in prevention of airborne transmission
Quick demonstration of wearing Lekad stringless mask

Wearing LEKAD Face Mask in real life

Lekad Face Mask Frequently Asked Questions

Recommend every 4 hrs, same as the standard surgical mask OR when the stickiness of the adhesive is no longer sticky.
3ply of mask fabrics. BFE ≥ 95%.
The filtration efficiency is practically same as conventional standard surgical mask. The main differentiating advantage in mechanism of action is it make leak-free protection easily achievable and practically sustainable. It is made of medical grade fabric and surgical grade adhesive. Without nose wire, it is soft and with the adhesive, it can be stuck on the face of various contour without leaving behind any gap for air to pass without being filtered through the fabric. In the other words, it make practically for its user breath in only air filter through the medical grade fabric.
Oily skin compromised the quality of adhesiveness. So best to first wipe your face clean before wearing. LEKAD perform better and longer in cold environment compared to hot sweaty environment.
It is actually the unique advantage of the mask. The answer is same as answer to question 3. Gap between face and mask would allow inward leak and outward leak.
  • Test for outward leak
    Smoke test was done in a university compared to normal surgical mask and N95, found LEKAD outclassed even the gold standard N95. As predicted, no smoke could pass through the boundaries sealed with the surgical adhesive.
  • Test for inward leak
    Fit test done with Portacount test (the gold standard fit test for gold standard N95) show fit factor with LEKAD is 200+, more than double the benchmark of N95 which is 100. It simple language it means with LEKAD the wear breathe air more than 200 times cleaner than ambient air.
It is subjected to ingredient of the alcohol or sanitizers. LEKAD is meant for single use, we do not recommend it to be sanitized.
In fact, according to a clinical study and users feedbacks, LEKAD relatively the best in term of breathability compare to normal surgical mask and N95 respirator. Scientifically, it is because by sticking along all the boundaries, it leaves behind relatively the least “dead space”, the space enclosed between inner surface of mask fabric and our face. Normal surgical mask which holds the mask toward the face only by its 4 corners, leaving bigger space between mask and face. N95 respirator has contribute relatively the biggest “dead space” because of it is shaped like a bowl. Bigger the “dead space” more difficulty in breathing will be experienced. With bigger “dead space” more of secondhand exhaled air would be trapped and re-inhaled before the wearer can enjoy fresh air from outside. A clinical study has been conducted proven oxygen saturation of LEKAD wearers remained unchanged even after 1 hour of certain physical activities.
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Quick demonstration of wearing Lekad stringless mask
Revolutionising mask safety for Covid-19
A breakthrough in prevention of airborne transmission
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