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About Butterworth Railway Station

If travellers are thinking about getting to Penang by train, keep in mind that Butterworth Railway Station is the terminus for trains to Penang whereby the station is one of the major train stations in the state. It is strategically located right next to the state’s upcoming transportation hub known as Penang Sentral.

Specifically situated along Jalan Bagan Dalam in Butterworth, Butterworth Railway Station is about 100 metres away from the ferry terminal of Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim. Frequent and low-fare KTM Komuter services are provided within the train station since the beginning of its operation primarily commuting on Butterworth-Padang Besar route. KTM ETS has also been included within the train operations running from the train station.

How to Get to Butterworth Train Station

Access to Butterworth Railway Station can be attained by several public transportations including bus services as well as ferry from the mainland terminal as it is located nearby. The station is strategically located just beside the ferry terminal and the Butterworth Bus Station allowing optimal convenience for everyone. Otherwise, it can be accessed through the Penang Bridge.

The upcoming Penang Sentral in the mainland of Penang will be a great one stop centre for transportations and transits to allow optimal convenience for everyone.

To access the train station via local bus services, travellers can hop on the Rapid Penang bus from anywhere in mainland Penang to get to Butterworth Railway Station conveniently.

From the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, access to the train station can be reached by boarding trains via KTM ETS directly from KL Sentral towards Butterworth Railway Station. Any other railway stations from other states operating ETS towards the train station can also be utilised.

Other rail option to get to the train station includes the new KTM Komuter with regular schedules routing from the northern regions. KTM Komuter services also enable passengers to commute to Butterworth Railway Station.

Popular Train Operator

Train operations within Butterworth Railway Station are currently furnished primarily by KTM Berhad connecting passengers regularly via various routes. KTM offers several distinctive train services whereby the primary train services within the train station are KTM Komuter and KTM ETS.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Butterworth Railway Station in Pulau Pinang.


Several basic facilities are provided for those departing and arriving in Butterworth Railway Station. A ticketing office with ticket counters is located upstairs and can be accessed by taking the stairs or the lift available from the main entrance. A compact waiting area equipped with seats are also available for the public to utilise.

The train station also provides an electronic display board showing train departures and arrivals. A mini-mart can be accessed within the train station along with a car park outside offering a decent parking rate. Free shuttle buses are available from Butterworth Railway Station commuting passengers to the nearby ferry terminal known as Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal.

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Butterworth Railway Station is one of the prime train stations in Penang and the terminus for trains to get to Penang Island. Conveniently located beside the Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal as well as Jetty Bus Terminal, this railway station yields efficient public transportation to the locals as well as foreign tourists for a convenient navigation in and out of the region.

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Butterworth Railway Station, 12000 Butterworth, Penang

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