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About Sungai Petani Train Station

Lying gracefully within the southern part in the state of Kedah, Sungai Petani offers an abundance of unique travel spots for many visitors. From beaches to big malls to a splashing theme park, the town offers a comprehensive neighbourhood hosting a tremendous amount of the state’s population.

Located off Jalan Ibrahim in Sungai Petani, Sungai Petani Train Station has been established to provide train connections for everyone within the surrounded region. It was built in 2013 and commenced train operations in 2015. The railway station is also situated near to the Sungai Petani Big Clock Tower.

How to Get to Sungai Petani Railway Station

As the station is strategically constructed right in the centre of the town, getting to Sungai Petani Train Station is not much of a hassle. The railway station provides extensive train services operated by KTM Berhad offering easy access to get to Sungai Petani Train Station. KTM train services on KTM Intercity via North-South line makes a stop at the train station as well as KTM ETS. Services via ETS depart from Padang Besar and KL Sentral alternatively.

Other alternatives to get to Sungai Petani Train Station include taxi services. For a cheaper mode of transportation, board any local buses moving around the town that stops at the railway station.

Popular Train Operator in Sungai Petani Train Station

Train tickets on board trains by KTM can now be viewed online on the website along with its respective train schedules. Current train operations within Sungai Petani Train Station are only provided by Malaysia’s primary train operator, KTM Berhad (KTMB). Sungai Petani Train Station offers two distinctive KTM train services namely ETS and KTM Intercity. It is encouraged to make advanced bookings for ETS as tickets on board the train are limited.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Sungai Petani Train Station in Kedah

Facilities in Sungai Petani Railway Station

A side platform along with an island platform is provided within Sungai Petani Train Station both being split by three railway tracks in between. Several basic facilities are also included inside the station for the convenience of public use moving in and out of the town of Sungai Petani.

Amenities such as washrooms are available within the railway station along with an information counter to view train times. Sungai Petani Train Station also offers an ample parking space for those who wish to leave their car and move around via train services.


Sungai Petani is the largest town in Kedah, so being a largely residential area, the town offers many infrastructures as well as facilities to accommodate its neighbourhoods. Several attractions offered in the town of Sungai Petani include The Carnival Theme Park, Riverfront City, Jeti Semeling and many more.

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Sungai Petani Train Station Contact Details

Sungai Petani Train Station, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
+604 421 2604

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