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About Udon Thani Train Station

Opened in June 1941 as part of the Northeastern Line Khon Kaen-Udon Thani section, Udon Thani Train Station is in Mak Khaeng Subdistrict in the district of Udon Thani. It is considered as a class 1 railway station situated 568.843 km away from Bangkok railway station. Like many railway stations in Thailand, the façade of Udon Thani Train Station is quite decorative in addition to being close to the city centre.

The train station is approximately 1 km from Central Plaza shopping centre (which is only a 10-minute walk), the Udon Thani bus station as well as the night market, so a short walk to the station will provide visitors with an example of the Thai railway system or the somewhat dated Thai intercity trains. While modern trains are already running from Bangkok to Korat on this line, there are plans to upgrade and introduce more of it on this route in the future.

How to get to Udon Thani Railway Station

Visitors around Udon Thani town can get to the train station with several options besides walking for those who are in the city centre. Udon Thani has two main bus stations, which are Bus Terminal 1 (Old Bus Station) that is centrally located between Prajak and Posri roads just southwest of the train station and Bus Terminal 2 (New Bus Station), situated far west of town.

A fleet of economical public songthaews (pick-up truck turn taxi) connects the city, passengers who are not familiar with the system can safely board the number 15 that covers along Posri Road in the east of town near the old bus station before cutting west past the police stations on Srisuk Road and continuing onto the new bus station. Other songthaews like the number 10 and 22 goes to both stations but passengers must know where to hop off to avoid unwanted situations.

In Udon Thani it is easy to catch a taxi or tuk-tuk to the train station if you are staying at a hotel that is a little bit further away from the city centre. The tuk-tuks are known for over-charging foreigners so do ask for a negotiable price before letting the driver drop-off from one station to the other.

Other more exciting alternatives are bicycles and motorbike rentals that are available at several places on Soi Sampantamit at Central Plaza on Prajak Road. Charges on the motorbike rentals heavily depend on the style and how long you intend to keep it in your journey.

Popular Train Operator in Udon Thani Train Station

The State Railway of Thailand is owned by the country’s Ministry of Transport and serves over 40 million passengers per year. Trains at Udon Thani Train Station is part of the North-Eastern line that regularly operates according to the train schedule. Travellers can make an online booking for the train ticket anytime during the day.

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Facilities in Udon Thani Train Station

Udon Thani Train Station is an old building that is well-kept and is overall clean. The architecture is quite charming and visitors who want to snap some pictures are recommended to take it during noon. Visitors will not go hungry here as there are some food stalls inside as well as outside of the train station. The most exciting part of this place is that the parking lot will transform into a night market.

Like other railway stations, Udon Thani Train Station provides bus stops and a taxi stand for the public to use. Its strategic location makes it nearby to all the major places in Udon Thani. Other basic amenities like sheltered waiting area with plenty of seating, train schedule, toilets and ticket counters for passengers to collect their train ticket are also available.

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Udon Thani Train Station is a stop that should not be amiss on your way to Bangkok when exploring Thailand by trains. The place is easy to get around and the locals are as friendly as they are helpful. Travellers can get their train tickets to Udon Thani through online booking by following a few simple steps. View the train schedule and other information such as the train ticket price through online booking to plan your journey now.

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Mak Khaeng, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand
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