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Best Guide from Genting Highlands to Singapore

Best Guide from Genting Highlands to Singapore

This is one of the most popular route from Malaysia to Singapore. Locals and tourists love to travel from Genting Highlands to Singapore because of the wonderful and appealing features on the way. The 4-5 hour journey is safe because of the well-built roads plus it is just amazing traveling down from the mountain. There is no other better getaway journey like this for a weekend. People who would love to enjoy the favorable climate and amusing destinations in Singapore find this route irresistible.

Travel Guide for bus from Genting Highlands to Singapore

The best thing with traveling by bus from Genting to Singapore is the fact that you can buy your tickets online. Easybook.com provides you the chance to buy tickets and book desired journeys with the best travel bus companies in Malaysia. Tickets will cost you anything from $40 to $80 depending on the bus company service.

Major bus companies that operate from Getting Highlands to Singapore by bus include: Konsortium express, CitiExchange,Transtar express, Sri Maju,StarMart Express and WTS Travel. More information about the buses can be accessed from Easybook.com or particular bus company websites. Konsortium Express is a reputable bus company in Malaysia that has served travelers for more than 20 years. Traveling by a Konsortium Express bus from Genting to Singapore is simply unforgettable because the company offers custom services at very affordable rates. Mushroom farm terminal is the alighting point and pick-up point of this route. Once you arrive at Singapore you can use a taxi or other means to get your precise destination.

Booking tickets online definitely saves you a lot of hassle, time and money. Furthermore, you do not have to visit a company's bus offices for you to get your tickets or book a particular journey at all. Buses on this route have very comfortable seats, TV entertainment and VIP services too. Main advantage with Easybook.com is that it is the largest bus ticketing website in Malaysia.

Tips of crossing border

Taking a bus from Genting to Singapore takes an approximate journey of 5 ½ hours hours. To cross over to Singapore, you will go through the town of Johor. There are 2 borders that connects both the countries. The first one is Woodlands Checkpoint and the second one is Tuas 2nd Link. When your crossing the boarder, you dont need to take out the luggae from the bus. But once you recah the checkout point at Singapore, then you will to bring your luggage out with you.

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