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Why spend hundreds of Ringgits to take a plane to Singapore when you could take an affordable and comfortable bus from Malacca to Singapore and use the extra money for more exploration? While flying certainly is the fastest way to travel, there’s no doubt that traveling by bus is more economical. For the savvy wanderer, it also means saving money that could be used to see more of your destination and making more life-long memories. In fact, when it comes to taking a bus from Malacca to Singapore, there are nearly a dozen coach companies that travelers can choose from.

Traveling by bus from Malacca to Singapore can take anywhere between 4 to 5 hours depending on road and traffic conditions. Despite being a bit of a long trip, the bus ride gives you the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous sceneries of Malaysia as you drive through the Malaysian country side pass by other cities along the way. Meanwhile, if you’re on a bus that departs in the evening, the bus is comfortable enough to get a decent bit of rest, especially when traveling on a luxury express coach. Another thing that’s great about traveling by bus from Malacca to Singapore is that many, if not all, of the coaches are now equipped with various amenities such as electrical sockets, wifi, TVs, onboard washrooms and plush reclining seats.

There are quite a few buses that operate the route between Malacca and Singapore such as S&S International Express, 707 Inc, Lapan Lapan Travel, Konsortium, WTS Travel & Tours, Luxury Coach Service and Malacca Singapore Express. With so many options for the bus from Malacca to Singapore, it’s easy to find a bus and trip that will closely match your preferred date and time of departure. Additionally, a great majority of the buses that serve this route travel express and will, therefore, not be picking up additional passengers on the way. Among the available pick up points for this route, the most popular ones are the Melaka Sentral Station and hotels like the Equatorial hotel, Hatten Hotel Malacca and the Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel. Meanwhile, there are several drop off points in Singapore to choose from such as the Golden Mile Complex, Concorde hotel, Boon Lay, Singapore Flyer and Queen Street. Prices for the bus from Malacca to Singapore greatly differ depending on the coach company that you choose to take. For example, a trip on the 40-seater buses or Delima are MYR26 while the executive buses of 707 Inc cost roughly MYR61. Tickets on luxury coaches cost between MYR70 – MYR120 for both adults and children.

When traveling by bus from Malacca to Singapore, it’s important to remember that you will still be subject to immigration and baggage checks at the border. It goes without saying that you’ll need to have your passport on hand and, for foreign travelers, that you will need to secure visas ahead of time if necessary. Thankfully, the process goes very quickly as both Singaporean and Malaysian governments have worked hard to make the checks and immigration stops as efficient as possible. Once at the border, passengers will need to get off the bus to present their passports to the immigration officers. After this, passengers will return to the bus and then custom checks will be conducted on all luggage on the bus. The entire process rarely takes over 15 minutes and you’ll be on your way to your final destination in Singapore before you know it.

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