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Kuala Perlis Bus Station

Kuala Perlis Bus Station

Perlis is the smallest state situated at the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The main port of the state is at the Kuala Perlis Jetty where it plays the role as the main jetty connecting to Langkawi Island in Kedah as well as Phuket in Thailand. The main industry in Kuala Perlis is fishing hence this fishing town is located at the mouth of Perlis River just 13 KM away from Kangar. Therefore, many visitors will stop by Kuala Perlis to check out the wooden houses resided by fishermen, as well as to taste the freshest local seafood available. You can travel to Kuala Perlis easily by bus via Easybook through a few simple steps on how to book your bas ticket online that departs and alights at Terminal Bus Kuala Perlis.

Popular Bus Routes and Operators at Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal

The Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal is located on Lebuhraya Changlun, situated close to the Kuala Perlis jetty. Travellers only need to walk 5 minutes to Kuala Perlis jetty to board the ferry service to land on Langkawi Island.

Terminal Bus Kuala Perlis serves buses which operate between the station and Kangar bus terminal. Most of the buses servicing this terminal have direct bus rides to various destination points in Malaysia in which you can choose to book through Easybook. Below are just some of the more popular routes and the bus companies that operate from this bas terminal.

Bus from Kuala Perlis To Kuala Lumpur: D Amour Enterprise, Ekspress Mutiara, Era Mesra (Klang), Hidayah Sutera Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Jengka Liner (Shah Alam), Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia), Nurzie Cahaya Enterprise, Plusliner, Shamisha Holiday & Travels, Sri Maju Group, Supernice Grassland, Transnasional

Bus from Kuala Perlis to Johor: Azura Eusope Agensi, Cepat & Cekap Express, City Express, Fame Pacific Sdn Bhd (BT16), KKKL Sdn Bhd, Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia), Pacific Express (JB), S&S International (M) Express, Selat Keris Sdn Bhd

Bus from Kuala Perlis To Ipoh: Cepat & Cekap Express, Express Kesatuan, Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia)

 Bus from Kuala Perlis to Melaka: Cepat & Cekap Express, Sri Maju Kangar, Transnasional

Bus from Kuala Perlis to Penang: Cepat & Cekap Express, Express Kesatuan, Plusliner

Places to visit in Kuala Perlis

Al Hussain Mosque – Also known as the Floating Mosque, located next to the Kuala Perlis Jetty. The most unique thing about this mosque is that the wall are made from corals, quartz, granite, marble and pebbles instead of being painted. The mosque has wind turbines in its building which can produce electricity with twin minarets that are also the first hexagonal minarets in the world. Fishermen at sea can be reminded on prayer times at night through the mosque’s lights.

Museum Kota Kayang – The museum just a few miles from Kuala Perlis is surrounded by mountains and natural rocks. Exhibits at the Museum Kota Kayang are spread over a few galleries where it shows historical artifacts and valuable information about Perlis.

Langkawi Island – Kuala Perlis is the gateway to the Langkawi where travellers can visit the island by taking the ferry. Langkawi is a popular duty-free island with many attractions for business and leisure travellers.

Satun, Thailand – Kuala Perlis is only a couple of kilometres from the Thailand border and very close to the town of Satun. Travellers can choose to take a ferry service from Kuala Perlis to Thammalang in the Satun province. This can be followed by walks around the neighbourhood to discover the quaint attractions you can find and enjoy all the delicious local Thai food.

Things to eat in Kuala Perlis

Seafood – Kuala Perlis is well-known as a fishing town, so seafood is a must try on the food list. All Kuala Perlis seafood are served fresh and the food is prepared differently such as cooked, fried, barbequed, grilled, or sauted. The visit to the town will not be complete without tasting the local seafood dishes that are all in reasonable prices.

Ikan Bakar – Marinated in a flavorful spicy paste, the barbequed fish is grilled with banana leaves over a hot charcoal fire. The taste is absolutely fantastic when dipped in the special chili sauce.

Laksa Kuala Perlis – This laksa is made of rice flour, which is mixed with delicious fresh fish broth, then topped with shredded cucumber and half an egg. The soup is served thick with grainy texture which different from Penang laksa.

Pekasam – Pekasam is usually made from fish or shrimp, but the one in Kuala Perlis is made from fish commonly using puyu, Javanese carp, perch and tilapia. The Pekasam is slightly sour because it is fermented, while the fish is fried until the crust is crisp, then topped with fried onions and cili padi. It is served with rice or steamed glutinous rice and grated coconut.

Although Kuala Perlis is a small fishing town, there is still so much to eat and do over there. Start making your next weekend plan and go ahead and book your bus tickets to Kuala Perlis with Easybook in order to spend more time with your family or friends. Safe travels!

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