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About SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station

There is a town in Kelantan called Pasir Puteh which literally means “white sand” in Malay. The name was given by Sultan Muhammad IV after seeing the unique white sands along the town’s riverbanks. The SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station is the leading express bus terminal on the banks of Sungai Semerak. It is a single-storey building with ample open space for buses to park. Despite looking somewhat outdated, it is located in a convenient area surrounded by shops and food stalls. There is also a shopping complex that locals frequent within walking distance.

Surprisingly, there are some attractions in Pasir Puteh that may interest the tourists such as the beautiful beaches at Pantai Tok Bali and Pantai Bisikan Bayu along the coast, as well as recreation centres like Jeram Pasu and Jeram Linang with waterfalls, pools and mini zoos. All the locations mentioned are around 20 minutes away from the Pasir Puteh bus terminal.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station in Kelantan

How to Get to SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station

Visitors can access the Pasir Puteh bus station via cars, buses and taxis as there is no train station in the area. Boarding a bus from KL to Pasir Puteh is also a convenient and economical way to get to the bus terminal as there are various bus services available in the country to Kelantan.

Driving can be a tedious task considering that the trip might take from 5 to 7 hours, hence riding the bus is more bearable. The two types of bus services to Pasir Puteh bus terminal that are operating are for daytime and overnight trips. Do check for the bus schedule on our website for the desired operator.

Popular Bus Operators

There are a lot of bus operators available at the SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station. Ekspress Mutiara and Transnasional are the popular choices among passengers but the operators mentioned may vary in other stations.

Facilities in SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station

This bus terminal has been around for a long time and there are not a lot of activities for passengers to do except wait for arrivals and departures. Bus services regularly operate in the station, making it a significant connecting point for locals to go to other destinations across the peninsula.

Regarding necessities, the station has several bus operators' ticket counters for passengers to confirm the departure time. Other than that, sheltered waiting areas for passengers, as well as restrooms are also available. Food and beverages are not available at the station, but there are a lot of convenience stores that are open just around the corner.

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There is still a lot to be discovered in Pasir Puteh, namely the many beautiful beaches that are still comparably quiet and more serene as it is surrounded by lush greenery with fewer people. The town is far more peaceful and very different from the din of the big cities. Visit Pasir Puteh by taking the express bus to SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station to start exploring the town.

Currently, there is no contact number for the station but to make it smooth for you, Easybook offers an easy-to-navigate platform so you can plan trips effortlessly. On Easybook, you can check the schedule and book a bus ticket online conveniently without having to queue at the counter. Just follow these simple steps to make your trip a reality.

SKMK Pasir Puteh Bus Station Contact Details:

Pasir Puteh, 16800 Pasir Puteh, Kelantan
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