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FERRY FROM Pasir Gudang to Batam Center

Ferry Ticket From Pasir Gudang to Batam Center

A small but busy island in Indonesia, Batam Island is beyond popular with Singaporeans and Malaysians alike due to its close proximity. Even better is the fact that Batam Island is so easy to get to!

The Pasir Gudang Passenger Terminal Ferry operates trips from Pasir Gudang to the main port of entry at Batam Center. With 6 trips daily generally departing at 2 hour intervals, it couldn’t be any easier to plan a weekend getaway to Batam. Trips on the ferry take up to 45 minutes with reasonable prices starting at MYR35. It gets even more affordable if you buy your round trip tickets, too.

On Batam Island, there’s a wealth of activities and parts of the island that you can easily explore. One popular stop which, coincidentally, is near the Batam Center Ferry Terminal, is the Ocarina park. It’s a large amusement park that caters to visitors of all ages. Batam Golf is also a popular activity with many business men visiting Batam for the golf in particular.

Snorkeling in Abang Island is breathtaking with private boats taking groups for organized and guided tours. If hanging around the beach is more your thing, stretch out on the fine sand and take relaxing dips in the beautiful beaches. Then again, you can spend an evening exploring the sea from above the water on activities like a dinner cruise.

You certainly can’t miss out on the wealth of seafood that Batam has to offer either with dozens of eateries like the Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant and A1 Pujasera just waiting to set your tastebuds ablaze. Food and drinks on Batam are bountiful and extremely affordable, so you can certainly enjoy a feast without having to break the bank.

So, if you’re planning your island escape to Batam in the near future, you may want to consider traveling in comfort with the ultra-comfortable ferries between this Indonesian island and Pasir Gudang. Make your booking process so much easier by purchasing your tickets online at Easybook.com. It’s quick, convenient and will certainly offer the best deals out there.

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen!

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