Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service

Koh Kood Princess Ferry

If you are to look for a prominent ship administrator in Thailand, maybe Koh Kood Princess Ferry is the ideal ferry operator for you. Launching in 2002, it easily became one of the most trusted water-based vehicle operators in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the youngest and yet successful and lavish water-based vehicle service providers.

Routes and Schedules of Koh Kood Princess Ferry

If you want to travel through water from Laem Sok to Ao Salad in Koh Kood, the Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service is your best bet. As for their customer's convenience, they offer an online booking service which is a hundred percent reliable and guaranteed platform for the ticket booking, so you need not worry about its credibility. The travel is really worth every bit of what you paid for. For sure, you will not have any regrets spending a little more for this ferry service because of the extravagance you will get while travelling with Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service.

Ticket Prices of Koh Kood Princess Ferry

All of their ships are seemingly made for the elite, and the ticket prices can say the same thing. The ferry tickets of Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service can mostly be availed by upper-middle-class people and elites. However, the price you pay is the quality you get and this is especially true for this service provider. Every penny you spend on buying your tickets is worth it because of their first-class service and modern ferry design, which will definitely please your eyes.

Top Qualities of Koh Kood Princess Ferry

The Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service takes pride in having an aesthetically pleasing design for their ships while at the same time keeping the technical aspect of providing comfort to their passengers while traveling. They have the perfect balance of beauty and practicality, as seen in their ferries. However, others may say that it is too gallant for quite a short travel time. Still, they never fail to attract the elite and upper-middle-class as they travel to different destinations.

As for the ferry's amenities, at this moment, they can serve you with their four extravagant ferries. These would surely cater to all your needs as their customers. Their four ferries are namely Kok Kood Princess Speed Boat, Koh Kood Princess High-Speed Boat, Koh Kood Princess Boat 2 and lastly, Koh Kood Princess Boat 9. These ferries indulge the 300 passengers that are able to be easily accommodated due to the fact that each of these ferries is three-story levels.

Since its first operation in the year 2002, the Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service transports thousands of passengers per week. One of their most significant features is having been first to have a company to offer speedboats in both of Koh Kood and Koh Mak's lands. Furthermore, their added amenities satisfy customers to the brim. Some of the things in their ferries which add to explorer satisfaction are the reliable air conditioning system, television, and snack bars.

These additional amenities are designed to provide even more comfort to their customers. Other than their state-of-the-art engines for their ferries, they also take pride in providing first-class accommodation to all their customers. If you want to travel like an elite, then the Koh Kood Princess Ferry Service is the best vehicle provider you can travel with.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
183 Moo.6 Ao-yai Subdistrict,Mueang District,Trat Province +66828789900,+66861267860
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