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Alor Setar Railway Station

Formerly known as Alor Star, this capital city of Kedah officially changed the spelling of its name to Alor Setar. Alor Setar is the second largest town after Sungai Petani, prominent for being a home to several tourist attractions ranging from cultural sites to various museums as well as galleries. With an extensive railway network spreading across Peninsular Malaysia, getting to the northern part of Malaysia at Alor Setar by boarding a train is much more efficient with affordable ticket fares.

Alor Setar Railway Station is named after its location itself in the middle of Alor Setar city. The current train station has been modified as well as upgraded with Electric Train Service (ETS) operations covering ETS route between Gemas and Padang Besar. Aside from ETS, Alor Setar Railway Station also provides KTM Komuter Northern Sector services utilising the route between Butterworth and Padang Besar.

How to get to Alor Setar Railway Station

The easiest way to get to Alor Setar Railway Station is by taking trains via ETS from any station along the route. For ETS departures from KL Sentral, the train journey will take an estimated time of 5 hours to arrive at the train station in Alor Setar. Travel duration differs depending on train departure station.

Passengers can also commute to Alor Setar Railway Station via KTM Komuter Northern Sector services. Trains by KTM Komuter connect to the train station in Alor Setar running along the routes of Butterworth – Padang Rengas and Padang Besar – Butterworth.

For bus journeys from other states to Alor Setar, Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana (Alor Setar Bus Terminal) will be the arrival point. Upon arrival at the bus terminal, grab a taxi or any e-hailing services available to Alor Setar Railway Station as it will only take 15 minutes to reach the train station.

Popular Train Operator

Serving as the pioneer for railway network service provider in Malaysia, KTM Berhad (KTMB) has been actively providing train services for the nation. Both ETS as well as KTM Komuter services in Alor Setar Railway Station are fully monitored and managed by KTMB.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Alor Setar Railway Station in Kedah

Facilities in Alor Setar Railway Station

Guests and passengers stopping in the train station can utilise several basic amenities as Alor Setar Railway Station is well-equipped to provide convenience. A digital information display board is available for passengers to view and receive updates regarding departure time, train delays, rescheduling of departure or arrival time and other train-related information. A prayer room is also provided offering convenience for Muslims to pray while waiting for train departures. Adequate facilities in the train station are provided for optimal convenience among the public.

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Serving only two railway services, Alor Setar Railway Station provides ETS and KTM Komuter Northern Sector trains. This train station is often utilised by many for its long-distance transportation option heading to Kuala Lumpur and other selected states across Peninsular Malaysia. Upon visiting Alor Setar, a trip to Langkawi can be planned easily by getting a ferry ride at Kuala Kedah Jetty which is located 13 kilometres away from Alor Setar Railway Station.

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Alor Setar Railway Station Contact Details

Alor Setar Railway Station, Bandar Alor Setar, 05300 Alor Setar, Kedah

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