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About Sungai Kolok Railway Station

Situated in Narathiwat province of Thailand, Sungai Kolok Railway Station is popular with passengers travelling to and from the famous tourist destinations in the East Coast of Malaysia. Located just 1 kilometre away from the Malaysian border, many Thai locals travel to their neighbour country to visit the famous state of Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas and the Perhentian Islands. Its entertainment and shopping delights widely known Sungai Kolok district where the rail station is comfortably placed at.

Sungai Kolok railway is stationed at the very end of Thailand’s Southern Railway Line and providing regular train schedules to multiple destinations for travellers. The train station operates three distinctive train services, which include Thaksin Special Express Train, Rapid Train and Local Train to many stations within the country. In providing high standard services for its customers, the station ensures all the trains to be well kept and maintained. Efficient and punctual train timetable served at the rail station will provide a quick and convenient journey for the travellers.

At Sungai Kolok Railway Station, there are two fast trains going northwards daily to Surat Thani and eventually Bangkok for passengers’ convenience. The train will also stop at a few train stations along the journey to Bangkok. Travelling from Sungai Kolok to Surat Thani by train takes approximately 10 to 12 hours journey. While, a trip to Bangkok would take much longer travel duration, which is around 20 to 22 hours to arrive. Sungai Kolok Railway Station is safely guarded by the Thai army as far as Hat Yai Station to ensure maximum security for all passengers.

How to Get to Sungai Kolok Train Station

Sungai Kolok is a small town in Thailand and the railway station is strategically placed on the main road to the border, which makes it easier for it to be found by travellers. To get to Sungai Kolok Railway Station, travellers could board on trains from any stations that served train schedules towards the station. There are also other travelling options available within the town that could suit different need and budget of the passengers.

Travellers are advised to get there by motorbike taxis that is located outside Thailand Immigration for a safer and cheaper ride. Travellers could also go to Sungai Kolok Railway Station by taking metered taxi and tuk-tuks (cycle rickshaws). The travel duration between the rail station from Sungai Kolok Bus Station will take less than 8 minutes’ drive.

Popular Train Operator in Sungai Kolok Railway Station

Currently, train services within Sungai Kolok Railway Station are entirely operated by the country’s popular national train operator, widely known as State Railway of Thailand. The train company is the only train service operating at various stations available across the cities in Thailand.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Sungai Kolok Railway Station in Thailand.

Facilities in Sungai Kolok Railway Station

At Sungai Kolok Railway Station, there are several facilities provided for the comfort of the travellers. Among the basic facilities provided include the public telephone booths, sheltered waiting area, and seats for public usage.

The train station served ticketing counters to allow travellers to get extra information on their trips. Food and drinks kiosks are also available at the station for travellers to visit. Sungai Kolok Railway Station’s opening hour usually runs from early morning to late evening.

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There are various delicious Thai cuisines and friendly locals in Sungai Kolok that would make tourists feel comfortable in exploring the town. With regular train timetable served at the station, travellers can now travel to their favourite destinations whenever they like and create unforgettable memories with their loved ones!

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Sungai Kolok Railway Station Contact Details:

Sungai Kolok District, Narathiwat 96120, Thailand
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