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Tam Ky Railway Station

Tam Ky Station is in Vietnam, a country that is known for its natural beauty, exotic temples and unique pagodas. The railway station is comfortably placed in Tam Ky city and is usually packed with passengers who are travelling for work purposes, holidays as well as for studies. Tam Ky railway station is one of the main railway stations on the North-South Railway serving train towards various cities within Vietnam with the efficient train schedule. 

Tam Ky Station operated as the major stop on Vietnam’s north-south reunification rail line by trains running routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, as well as with return trips. For travellers who just arrived at Chu Lai International Airport, they can easily get to Tam Ky city, as it is located 30 km away from the airport. Being the capital city of Quang Nam, Tam Ky is a place that is popularly known by its pristine beaches and delicious cuisines provided at multiple local restaurants in the area. 

This station is run by the country’s famous train operators, which include Violette Express and Vietnam National Railway. The railway stations have many departures a day with trains that disembark here for passengers’ convenience. In providing high standard services for its customers, Tam Ky Railway Station ensures all trains are well maintained all the time. The train station offers systematic and regular train timetable daily to allow more freedom for passengers in arranging their journey plans. 

How to Get to Tam Ky Station 

Visitors can easily get to Tam Ky Station by taking road transportation method or even by boarding train services. Travellers can get here by taking train services from any stations within Vietnam that are included in the train schedules en route to Tam Ky Station 

Public transportations are also available from within or outside Tam Ky area, which includes metered taxis and motorbike taxis that can easily access around the streets in Vietnam. Apart from that, shuttle bus service from Da Nang International Airport is also available for travellers to get to Tam Ky city. 

Popular Train Service in Tam Ky Station 

There are two main train services operating within Tam Ky Station, which are Violette Express and Vietnam National Railway. 

Popular Train Routes and Schedules

Popular train routes from Tam Ky Station in Vietnam. 

Facilities in Tam Ky Station 

Travellers are offered with basic facilities in Tam Ky Station for a convenient journey. Among the facilities provided at the rail station include public toilets and some seats for travellers to relax while waiting for their trains.  

Ticket counters are provided at the station for visitors as well as some food stalls for them to grab some meals. Tam Ky Station’s opening hour runs normally from morning to evening.  

Top features:   


At the beautiful city of Tam Ky, travellers will be able to experience a tranquil ambience of the lake and natural beauty available at the area. The famous Phu Ninh Lake in Tam Ky is worth-visiting with family and friends.  

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Tam Ky Railway Station

Nguyễn Hoàng, Phường An Xuân, Tp. Tam Kỳ, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

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