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Bus Service from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

About 200 km from Kuala Lumpur lies the breezy hill station of Cameron Highlands in the district of Pahang, it has become the perfect getaway place for people in the cities. People come from all over the place just to experience the wonderful cold weather 1,500 meters above sea level while you experience the wonderful activities that the place has to offer. Getting a bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands has proven to be a very common activity.

Bus Operators To Cameron From Singapore

Some of the buses from Singapore available on Easybook for you to visit Cameron Highlands are namely The One Travel & Tours and UN Express & Travel . These two bus operators mentioned will depart from Golden Mile Tower in Singapore. There are various drop-off points for buses by Konsortium Singapore and UN Express & Travel and they are located at Brinchang, Copthorne Hotel, De La Ferns, Heritage Hotel, Strawberry Park Resort and Tanah Rata. As for The One Travel & Tours, the operator will have stops at both Copthorne Hotel and Brinchang in Cameron Highlands.

Bus Fares From Singapore To Cameron Highlands

Bus tickets are priced at SGD 46.50 to SGD 55.00, but it can be unsteady during festive seasons, so book your tickets early in order to get the best prices.Bus to Cameron Highlands from Singapore will take between 8 to 9 hours of travelling time depending on the traffic. Sure, it feels long but the journey will be so worth it once you have arrived at Cameron Highlands to feel that breeze in your face. Don't worry as there are usually two toilet breaks for the long journeys. Also, taking the bus is definitely the most economical way to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands without having to worry about spending massive amount of money for the entire family.

As you are crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border, please take note that you will be required to go through custom inspections, so do not forget your passports. Secure your visa if you are an international traveler in Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

It's also important to remember that since travelers are crossing the Singaporean-Malaysian border, luggage will need to pass customs inspections and passports are, of course, necessary. International travelers should also secure any necessary visas before their trip.

Malaysia's largest highland resort is really a dream escape with fresh air and beautiful sceneries like no other. Known as one of the oldest tourist attractions in Malaysia, it truly is the perfect spot to escape the humidity in Singapore and to recharge yourselves in Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is made up of eight sub-districts such as the Bertam Valley, Brinchang, Kampung Raja, Kea Farm, Kuala Terla, Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Tringkap. Let us find out what are the things you can plan to do at Cameron Highlands once you have decided to book a ticket on Easybook platform.

Things To Do in Cameron Highlands

Tea plantations

The image of tea plantations come to mind when the words "Cameron Highlands" are being mentioned. Besides learning about the tea making process or enjoy a cup of tea at the cafés, the tea plantations will promise you to have set your mind at ease as you take your eyes off your electronic devices and it has proven that looking at plants will reduce stress and boosts your mood. Spend some time to visit the BOH Tea Plantations, BOH Sungai Palas Tea Plantation and Cameron Valley Tea Plantation when you are in Cameron Highlands. Did you know BOH is actually short for Best of Highlands?

Strawberry farms

You can get strawberries anytime in Cameron Highlands because of the excellent weather. The production for this fruit has become such a big business that we automatically associate the fruit when we say Cameron Highlands as well. They may not be as big or sweet as the ones you are familiar with, but the experience to witness the production in such a large scale as well as being able to hand pick your own strawberries on high production seasons from May until August are definitely a great treat to this trip by bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. It is so popular that everything is associated with strawberries from the food to merchandises, as well as hotel names. The strawberry farms that you can visit are S-Corner, Raju Hill Strawberry Farm and Kok Lim Strawberry Farm near Kea Farm, Kasimani's Farm near the golf course, and Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang.

Night Markets

Just like the strawberries, with such good weather comes great local produce in which it becomes available at the markets all over the highlands. You can get almost everything when you visit the markets which are located by the side of the road. Bargain your way through at the night markets in Brinchang on Saturday nights and Tanah Rata daily for the delicious street food and Cameron Highlands produce all here. There is also the day market at Kea Farm for the freshest vegetable produce to potted plants.

Vegetable farms

If you are around Kuala Terla or Tringkap, look over to the spectacular view of the vegetable farms. It has been attracting plenty of tourists, so there are many new farms popping up around Cameron Highlands these days featuring flowers, vegetables and strawberries too. You would not be allowed in the larger farms where the vegetables for the nation's consumptions are produced, which are situated at Bertam Valley and Kuala Terla.

Besides those mentioned above, there are also other plenty of activities that you can explore as well such as bird watching, checking out the butterfly or honey bee farm, bird watching, trekking, checking out the country inns or simply enjoy a cup of tea with scones by the cold weather of Cameron Highlands. Doesn't that sound pleasurable enough for you to book a ticket for that bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands already?

It is essential for us to reenergize by taking a moment away from the busy city life in order to have a relaxing weekend getaway with family and friends. Cameron Highlands is one of the smartest destinations you will have to make. All you need is an internet connection on your laptop or smartphone to log on to Easybook to buy bus ticket online n-express-travel for Singapore to Cameron through Easybook without hassle.

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