Damri Express Bus Service

Sarawak yields access to Borneo’s natural wonders and cultural riches a breeze. Everywhere around Sarawak is a chance to encounter the warmth and friendliness of Malaysians. Sarawak is located on the island of Borneo, which is the third largest island in the world. With beautiful blue skies and tropical breezes, there's always an opportunity to bathe in the sandy beaches and the palm-fringed state of Sarawak.

The isle of Borneo offers a variety of ambience including pristine rainforests, spectacular bat caves and extraordinary rock formations. Tropical showers cool the land with heavier rainfalls during the monsoon months from November to March. Within Sarawak, Sarikei and Sibu both offer a similar familiarity with an abundance of magical attractions waiting to be explored with Damri Express.

Damri Express Bus Service

With many bus services provided within the region of Sarawak, connecting to and from the state is no longer a hassle. One of the many well-known bus companies operating around Sarawak is Damri Express. Damri Express is an Indonesian based bus operator with established branches in Sarawak as well as Brunei.

Amenities on the Bus

This well-known operator within the region of Sarawak furnishes its services through 30-seater mini-bus. Offering numerous onboard facilities for convenient travel, Damri Express guarantees to be a number one choice among the many bus operators available in Sarawak. Exclusive amenities provided by the operator include comfortable seats, the audio-video system as well as a karaoke port. All vehicles offered by Damri Express are fully air-conditioned with a large luggage compartment provided to cater for passenger’s bits and bobs.

  • 30-seater minibuses
  • Air-conditioned
  • Audio-video system
  • Karaoke

Popular Routes by Damri Express

Offering frequent and regular bus schedules for numerous routes, Damri Express is commonly utilised to connect primarily from Kuching in Sarawak to Pontianak. The operator also provides return routes for the convenience of passengers travelling between these two destinations.

Travel duration between Kuching and Pontianak in Indonesia takes an estimated journey of around 8.5 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. For a one-way trip, bus tickets are available at RM60 whereby Damri Express offers three visits per day.

Reasons to Travel with Damri Express

Damri Express offers frequent bus schedules for services from Sarawak to Pontianak along with its consecutive return trips. With exceptional timing for both bus departures and arrivals, the company ensures economical travel as well as offering comfort for a pleasant journey. Damri Express also strives to be the best among the best maintaining the quality of its services by being attentive to the safety of passengers travelling on board, making it the company’s top priority.

Providing many routes and frequent bus schedules with affordable bus fares, bus tickets on board Damri Express can now be retrieved through Easybook’s secure online booking platform.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Jl. Beringin, Kel. Huangobotu, Kec. Dungingi, Kota Gorontalo 6281340468052
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