Giri Indah Abadi

Company History

Our company operates in the transportation services sector, established in the 1980s under the name PO Giri Indah. It started as a family business led by our parents, providing transportation services for transmigration from Java to Sumatra at that time. As a result, our company experienced rapid growth until our parents passed away. As their children, we continued the legacy under the new name PT. Giri Indah Abadi.

In the face of intense competition in the transportation industry, we strive to provide the best services to ensure that our customers continue to choose our transportation services.

In addition, we have expanded our services into the field of expedition since 1990 until now, which is an integral part of our route from Jakarta to Palembang.

Vision & Mission


Providing the best quality for customers.


  • Innovating in all areas to achieve a growing business, maintaining honesty and commitment to uphold a good reputation.
  • Providing transportation services with commitment, trust, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Implementing an accurate and on-time work system.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Kantor Jakarta Ruko Makaliwe Office Park Jl. Dr. Makaliwe Raya No.18A, Grogol, Jakarta Barat
Kantor Palembang Alamsyah Prawiranegara No. 72, Palembang
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